Is Saudi Arabia to blame for Islamic State? [BBC]


Is Saudi Arabia to blame for Islamic State?

Is Saudi Arabia to blame for the rise of the so-called Islamic State (IS or ISIL)? It is commonly claimed that Wahhabism, the strict form of Islam originating in the Kingdom - and the Saudi state’s aggressive promotion of it - has fuelled terrorism.

Saudi Arabia is also accused of funding IS, either directly or by failing to prevent private donors from sending money to the group.

But Saudi Arabia rejects both accusations, and has announced the formation of a new Islamic anti-terrorism coalition.
Five experts share their views. **

5 divergent “expert” opinions on this hot topic. Too long to post individual quotes, one may read it for themselves.


Professor Bernard Haykel: IS theology directly linked to Wahhabism


Professor Madawi al-Rashid: Wahhabism led to Islamic awakening

Again, agee.
Before there was the MB, there was Wahhabism.

Aimen Dean: Salafism has been greatly misunderstood

This does not change the fact that Salafism is the kind of fundamentalism that has led to the violence in support of the ideals that it propagates. There is a certaina amount of duplicity too in the way Saudi Arabia both fights and funds the jihadists.

Matthew Levitt: IS is financially self-sufficient

Okay. That is very possible.

Mohammed Yahya: Saudi Arabia poses a significant threat to IS

If only Saudi Arabia posed a threat to ISIS or anybody. The radicalization of Islam through Saudi money funding the global spread of Salafism is well documented.


Positive thing that EVEN the BBC are beginning to discuss this although they had to introduce contrary views. Radical Islam’s epicenter is SA. Not even up for question.

The really disturbing thing is how tight they are with the US and the UK. Notice one of the first condemnations of Trump came from the House of Saud. No surprise at all. He was backed by Cameron (UK PM) , Obama and Hillary



Satan is.

No one can be blamed but the Devil

If I say what else Satan (the father of all lies) is to blame for, the post will get removed.

But I’ll give you a hint: “all lies.”

We could logically say that if we are going to blame the Saudis, we have to blame everyone who is not Catholic also. Or we can’t blame anyone but Satan. Everything in between is just a matter of how many lies they believe, and how much those lies contributed to the muddying of the waters with regards to God’s Revelation to Mankind. I don’t blame people for getting tricked and invincible ignorance is real (although we won’t know just how much of it there is until Judgment). Every bit of the muddying of those waters contributed, in SOME way, to the creation of ISIS. Including the intellectuals in the intelligence agencies who planned on ISIS from the beginning of Iraqi Freedom (not hard to prove that they knew this would happen but it would require another thread). They were victims of Satan’s lies about God too.

So instead of blaming people who were taught lies, I blame Satan and hope God has mercy on everyone else.


Correct. However Satan does his work through people and that was what we were discussing.


It was mainly bankers and war profiteers manipulating the events in Iraqi Freedom. They are the people he normally works through to manipulate the masses. Those same people are involved in the entertainment industry and use Babylonian Magic.

They planned on the insurgency in Iraq and planned on ISIS from the beginning of Iraqi Freedom.

  1. They disbanded the Iraqi army
  2. Intentionally told the Marines not to stop the looting
  3. Intentionally left all of the weapons caches unguarded
  4. Intentionally fostered an environment conducive to insurgency (in many ways)
  5. Delayed getting MRAPs into Iraq, and I believe this was to hurt morale in US troops - leading to abuses and terrible sins that prolonged the war and fueled the insurgency MRAPs are vehicles that can withstand IEDs safely. They had everyone riding around in regular trucks (humvees) and getting blown in half. I believe this was intentional because MRAPs are 1980s tech. This is one of the things about the war that makes me the most angry, because I saw Donal Rumsfeld make a speech about “armor kits” which were basically duct taping metal onto the trucks. So many people got blown in half and so many abuses occurred as a result. The fellow soldiers were traumatized and most of them had no relationship with Jesus. As a result - I believe that terrible sins occurred daily and most were covered up.
  6. After fueling the insurgency, put out propaganda about training Iraqi security forces (half of them were connected to the insurgency, I believe), and then picked up and left Iraq.

Of course, if you do those things, a group like ISIS is going to show up given all of the other factors that would take a while to name.

So either I am supposed to believe that those intellectuals involved in running the war were completely ignorant of what I can clearly see (and I am pretty dumb - I mean that in all seriousness), or they knew exactly what they were doing. ISIS was the plan from the beginning.

With all that in mind, who cares if the Saudis get blamed for funding them? It was the multinationals who controlled the US military. They are who Satan used to create ISIS.

It all comes back to Satan. He tricked them into thinking Jesus is not God and they will not meet Him when they die. They looked at a corrupted world and adapted to it instead of rebelling against it. This lead to terrible, terrible sins. Sins so bad that they are not easy to speak of.

I hope for mercy but I don’t presume it. They must convert or it is not hard to foresee many souls being lost to eternal fire.


In short, yes; but the full truth is rather complicated.


KSA is just one more bad guy to some, on the other hand, dishonesty and out right killing reporters happens in some countries but not KSA so much.

KSA would not have had much to gain from participating in 911.

Perhaps they are just a go to bad guy in this, the first Twin Towers bombing involved no Saudi Arabians and of 911; it is documented that 14 of the hijackers were in Iran the prior year.

KSA does not threaten to wipe Israel off the map, in fact, it is largely thought they have some cooperation with Israel.

They are only a country of 30 million.

Saudis not found guilty of 911 in lawsuits yet.

The one sole accuser, Moussaui, has been judged incompetent.


ISIS originates a lot from Saddam’s old guard and Al Qaeda Iraq, it really does, ISIS is filled with nationals from many countries. It’s a pretty tall order to say KSA is responsible when KSA fought against Sadam. No smoking gun found on the Saudis yet.


This makes me think that there’s something not quite right


While the boots on the ground of the IS very likely are filled with the feet of that old guard and the defeated remnants of el quada in Iraq, the ideology originates in Wahabbism, the officially sanctioned religion of KSA.

The KSA itself is duplicitous. One way that it had of dealing with the dangerous forces of Islamism within its own borders was to vent them out to Iraq to suit up against the civil society that America was trying so desperately to establish there in the Bush years.
KSA has always had a ‘safety valve’ mentality which understood that anger and venom that is directed toward an outside enemy, which traditionally has been the Israeli Jew, is anger and venom that is not vented domestically at the machinery of the KSA state.


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