Is saving images a mortal sin?

Is saving images a mortal sin? For example, going to google images and typing in dogs, cats, your favorite tv show, etc and then saving the images you like? By saving an image, I mean right-clicking on an image and then clicking “save image as”, and then saving it to whatever folder you want on your computer.

I ask this because an image might be copyrighted, etc.

Either you’re a troll or you need to reexamine what your faith’s all about, my brotha!!!

Nope. Not a troll. Just scrupulous.

Sorry if I offended you. I’m new here:)

No. I don’t see any situation where that would be a mortal sin, not even a sin. Those images are ment to be shared. Now, if it was a brand or something and you were selling it, it might be a sin.

Does that help? I’m a spiritual noob btw unable go into too much detail. I’m sorry.

As long as the images are not used for commercial purposes, that’s fine. Commercial, meaning, you reproducing the picture on media (brochures, menus, websites, etc), and then distributing the media for business purposes. What Is most important is the picture itself is not an occasion of sin for you or others. Such as pornography.

If he’s a troll, he’s a pretty educated one. Most trolls don’t even know what mortal sin or scrupulosity are. :slight_smile:

No, it’s not. But if you start saying you made this image, and start selling it, even if you give credit, that might be a sin (I doubt it would be mortal).

You can use images for your own personal use - research, entertainment, etc. It’s when you use them to promote your business, or start selling reproductions of them, that the trouble begins.

wow… that pretty sinful. Also, dont delete your spam messages before you read them. You have to answer every email you receive otherwise you would offend the spammer.

Saving an image to a folder is not a grave matter, thus there is no mortal sin. Just don’t save any sexual or pornographic pictures.

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