Is saying "Oh My Lord" in extreme frustration a mortal sin?

The question says it all. I said this last night, and I felt I could have stopped myself right before I said it, so I guess there was a split second where I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t. I don’t make a habit of this, but I am 7 months pregnant, under intense stress, and emotions are running very high :(. Thanks guys!

No. There are more important things to think and worry about. God loves you - be happy and enjoy life! :slight_smile:

It depends on your intention in invoking the Lord’s name.

If you are invoking his name because you are intensely frustrated and are begging God to give you the patience you need or relieve the situation, then this is an absolutely good thing to do. This is called an “ejaculation”, by which you invoke God, Mary, or a saint to help you through some situation.

On the other hand, if you invoked the Lord’s name because you wanted to blow off some steam for yourself, or because you wanted to demonstrate to some other person present just how frustrated you were, that could be a sin. Not necessarily a mortal sin, mind you, but still a sin. “Taking the Lord’s name in vain” means using His name in a way which is thoughtless and has no real meaning, such as asking for his help.

Hope this helps.

I respectfully disagree. Since the OP is thinking about this, and it potentially may be a sin, it is good for her to think about it. In this practical world, it may seem like a small deal, but “man sees not as God sees”.

I try very hard to avoid taking the Lord’s name in vain. For me, at least, it’s habitual sin. That doesn’t make it okay (at all), but it’s not quite as grave as willfully saying it… if that makes sense. :shrug:

I usually say a silent reparation prayer when I hear people say “Jesus”, or sometimes verbally end their statement with “have mercy on us”. :thumbsup:

Just make a conscious effort to filter your language. God understands. Go to confession!

We already have a Topic on this subject!!

As the Scholastics would say “always distinguish”

One can distinguish between “profanity” and “Blasphemy” in using or rather misusing God’s name …or that of the Saints etc.

Profanity in this sense is to take what is holy (like the name of God) and use it in a profane (ordinary) way …often such can be described as ordinarily a venial sin…(or perhaps not a sin due to habit …or complete inadvertence etc)… still of course something not to be done!

Blasphemy on the other hand is objectively gravely sinful…which in this sense would be to use the name of God in a way that expresses hatred etc towards God etc

Of course talk with your confessor too as to particular questions that come up for you.

Let us always praise God and bless his name. Let us call upon Jesus in prayer …not misuse his holy name.

(And in our society there is so much sinful use of the Holy Name in many ways and media - and we ought to seek to praise it and seek that such may not happen - and especially seek to protect the little ones from such though we cannot shield them from every evil always and everywhere.)

Let us praise and bless the Holy Name!

Praised be Jesus Christ of Nazareth --now and forever!

Thanks guys. Book at, thanks for the distinction. I would of course never express hatred toward God in that way. I was very frustrated and said “Oh my Lord” in an angry way, but that anger was not directed at God. I suppose I could have stopped myself-barely. I am thinking I probably shouldn’t be too scrupulous about it by letting it keep me from communion though, wouldn’t you say? I can be a scrupulous person anyway, hitting the confessional once a week or so and I’m trying to get out of that habit, which for me tends to aggravate my scruples anyway. I’ll try to trust in God’s mercy and hope I’m doing the right thing.

For a mortal sin one needs grave matter, full knowledge (full advertence) and deliberate (complete) consent.

Going to confession once a week is not scruples (just saying :))…

But yes if you struggle with scruples - get a “regular confessor” who can direct you and who can even give you various principles to follow due to scruples.

I can’t even examine my conscience for more than a few minutes before confession lest I turn every confession into a 20-minute ordeal wherein I start talking about turning the bath water for my kids on too hot and whether or not it was deliberate. If I examine my conscience at all during the week, I will over-analyze everything I do for the rest of the week in minute detail until I manage to make it to confession. So I really am trying at this point to go only when I believe have committed a mortal sin. Problem is, I can’t tell the difference most of the time.

Anyway, basically what I did was “Oh my * L–D”.

So I’m not sure what component is actually missing here.

Grave matter?
Full knowledge?
Deliberate consent?

All of those areas seem grey to me. On top of that, we have the fact that “Lord” isn’t even His name to begin with. Sigh. I don’t know.*


No it is not .In the past when people were very devoted to God ,they often exclaimed to Him asking for help ,or guidance.It was way of life in very religious communities where much of life revolved around the Church

There are a few people who might do it maliciously ,but they are more likely to say" God damn you", and that is a sin ,because it is used as a curse .

Isnt the pronunciation of God’s Name lost to current knowledge?

We have the consonants but not the vowels ‘YHWH’, so we cant really say His Name which would be the first step in using it ‘in vain’ isn’t it?

The second commandant refers to the use of any of God’s names, not just that one. Using any name which refers to God in a manner which does not give glory to Him, but instead invokes his name in temper or blasphemy, is against the second commandment.


So you would say that saying “Oh my L–D” in frustration is a mortal sin then? Is that your understanding?

Why are you seeking soul cleansing information from strangers? What does your confessor say?

The name of God should be a holy thing. Not a throw away exclamation used to express frustration or anger.

They are simply saying that such is “also” not in keeping with the second commandment…

I never said it should be a “throwaway” thing, hence the question in the thread. I didn’t ask if it is ok to go around saying it whenever I feel like it.

And as I said, I went to confession just last week. I have 2 young children, am 32 weeks pregnant with a third, and just moved cross-country 3 days ago to a place where I don’t even have a parish yet, let alone a regularly established confession ritual here. I also struggle with scrupulousity and mild OCD, so I am trying to limit my confessions to only serious sins, not go running to confession every time I have an inkling of a doubt in my mind. That makes it worse for me.

What I was hoping for here was an educated answer, quote from the catechism, etc. that could give me some guidance, or an answer about the objective gravity of saying “L–D” in frustration along with how much reflection must go into it to be considered sufficient matter for a mortal sin.

What I got was typical of this site: a few good and merciful answers (thank you all, especially BookCat with the academic and theological take) and then of course the judgement coming from people who think I should have a confessor on speed dial for when I accidentally step on some grass in the shape of a cross.

It seems as if CAF has had a lot of scrupulous people posting lately. But the point still stands. You do indeed have a parish. Where you live you live in the boundaries of a parish. And you need to introduce yourself to your priest and find someone who you can have as a spiritual guide to help you with these issues. The internet is not a place where people can tell you that you are or are not in mortal sin. We are just not qualified to do so, nor are we empowered by the Church to make that determination. We can help you logically think about something to decide yourself if something is sinful, but ultimately if someone says you are in sin or not in sin on this thread has absolutely no bearing on your actual state of sin…

Honestly I don’t understand why you would put this up to a vote on a thread on the internet. Seek a good priest and someone who can help you form your conscious.

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