Is saying Prayers without praying sacriligious?


Would it be sacrilege to pray a prayer, say, out of memory, in order to show off?

Or to put a prayerful song such as the Ave Maria in a movie to produce humor?

Or anything like that? Cuz I can’t find an answer on New Advent.


I cannot imagine anyone doing such a horrific thing.


For example:

  1. A student has to memorize a prayer for a test. He memorizes it, and then brags it to his friends, family, etc, by reciting the prayer, in effect showing off.

  2. In a generally immature movie/tv show, the director plays the Ave Maria (sung by a choir) in a scene where it would not be expected to be in…for reasons of humor.


The Ava Maria is not humorous.
To memorize a prayer is not wrong.
To brag about be wrong.
It is kind of what an immature/kid might do.
"nuff said. :frowning:


What do you think? I don’t think it’s sacrilegious to recite a prayer to others even if you are showing off, unless you are doing it in an disrespectful manner. As for inserting a religious song in a movie, it depends on whether the song is being mocked, or if the situation was incongruous to the song, and thus produced humor. There’s no black and white on this issue.

Synonyms for sacrilegious are: profane, blasphemous, impious, sinful, irreverent, irreligious, unholy, disrespectful


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