Is saying that something happened ... years before Christ using God's name in vain


I mean, I guess it’s not since Catholics do that and I think we have done it in the past as well, but why isn’t it? Shouldn’t God’s name be used only to glorify Him?


Doesn’t it glorify God publicly to recognize the Incarnation as the focal point of history?


o/p, can you elaborate?


A person takes the Lord’s name in vain when they address him in speech without actually addressing him. A person that says “Oh my God” as a form of exclamation is not actually addressing or referring to God, hence they are using a sacred name vainly. A person that says "Oh my God’ and is actually saying “Oh my God” is not taking the Lord’s name in vain. Most instances where God is used vainly is when people take a phrase that was originally used authentically and twisting it into an idle expression. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph”, “In the name of God/Christ”, and “Oh my God” are all examples of pious statements that have been hijacked, and are now used vainly more often than not. Referring to Christ in a historical context is not using his name vainly.

Taking the Lord’s name vainly is very harmful to society’s grasp of the sense of the sacred.


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