Is saying these things a sin?

Is saying “OMG” out loud a sin? Not saying “oh my God” but just saying “OMG”? And if I say it as “oh my goodness” or “oh my gosh” is that a sin? What can we say instead, that sounds normal or practical. I dont wanna go around saying “olive oil!” Or “guacamole!”. I stopped saying OMG, “oh my gosh” recently, and I can’t live without it. I have no expression anymore? If something startles me, I just reply back with !!! Or I gasp. Is there anything I can say? I would never use the lords name in vain. And also is hyperbole a sin? When my friends take a while to get ready or something I usually reply back with “wow you took like 50 years!!”? Is that a sin? Technically I am lying because I haven’t really been waiting 50 years but I’m just unsure about these things, thank you.

Just dont say “OMG” If you keep doing it by habit, that is a habit you can eventually break. Saying “O.M.G” sounds lame anyways. But I would not go as far as to say it is a sin if it is only done out of habit and not to intentionally disrespect God. No, saying “You took like 50 years” is not a sin if they did not literally take 50 years. You need to get a spiritual director or your scrupulosity will only get worse. Believe me, I know. I am scrupulous and talking with a spiritual director has helped me a lot. A lie is purposely deceiving someone. That person knows they did not literally take 50 years, they know you are just kidding. Are you a guy? Just friendly advice, do not even say “Wow bro… you took like literally 50 years” just say “What the heck took you so long!?” If you are a female… I guess the other would be okay. Really though, talk to your senior pastor about getting a spiritual director.

You do not need to find a phrase to express your frustration at all. Just remain silent. That might get easier as you get older. “Dang it”, or “Shoot” come to my mind though.

I wouldn’t use OMG. Even though it is dubious, people generally read it as “Oh my God”.

As far as I can think of, I think my instinctive interjections are “really?” “wow” etc.

Anything wrong with “Oh my goodness!” or really just a simple “Oh my!” ?

I don’t know. I mean I’d probably not really get away with that where I work. But then I usually just keep my mouth shut there.



I practice saying “praise the Lord” and
“glory be to God” until it comes naturally,
“bless God” and “thank you, Jesus” come
to mind, too. Satan is listening too, you
know and he HATES it when you say things
like these!!

Lots of threads on this.
Everyone pretty much is in agreement that it breaks a commandment.
Along with my pastor. :wink:

I prefer to try and hold my tongue.
No response or outburst is humble and can strengthen you,
it also calms a lot of brewing storms.
but if I do bark something out,
it is usually “Strike, of struth”.


does “gosh/goodness” fall in to that category too? or just the OMG part?

Obviously anything referring to God’s name.
Although some people on CAF don’t like any of these exclamatory things, saying they are thinly masked references to OMG. I don’t go that far, myself. :shrug:

I’ve finally reached the age where “My heavens!” (for startling events) and “Bless you dear” (when someone does something idiotic) are beginning to seem natural.

I’m pretty proud of myself that I broke the “oh my G–” habit (saying it after every little thing, it seemed), even going so far on emails to write OMGosh…I sure hope it’s not still a sin. :o

Would I be off topic of I asked if the f bomb was a sin? G–'s name is no part of it.

Not a sin against God, but it’s a sin against the English language, and contributes to the epidemic of unclear communication and muddled thinking. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Most people who drop the f bomb aren’t actually thinking of doing what they are saying they want to do.

I hope someone sees this post. I am slowly getting better at trying to not say Oh My God. The problem I’m having is when I read a post on FB and someone has written it or even OMG. Is it a sin to say those in my head when I read them seconds after seeing them? Can someone please explain how saying them are taking God’s name in vain? I think of GD as taking God’s name in vain. Thank you.

No it’s not a sin. Sinning requires you to have the intent to do harm. I mean God didn’t want people to use His name to give them power. He didn’t want it abused that way. But that doesn’t mean that God’s gonna come and get you if you read something someone else posted. I mean it’s not the same as you being flippant about it yourself. But if you want you can do what I do and just say a quick “thank you” or “I love you” after each time you read an open slight against God. So that the next time you read OMG you can add one of those. Or your own message. That way maybe it’ll help you feel better and might also help to fix a bit of the wrong that the first person caused in writing it out in the first place.

Peace luciatx.


Thanks Trident!

My priest says it is.

I’d say oh my gosh or my goodness is fine.

I think intent is everything in this case. If you look in old prayers books and the Enchiridion of Indulgences they have a section of short indulgenced prayers (ejaculations) that people can say and briefly meditate on throughout the day.

“Blessed be God”
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph!”
“Jesus, have mercy!”

There are hundreds of them.

I think someone, upon hearing bad news, saying Oh My God! could count as a prayer.

My grandmother always used to say “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” all the time in place of where other people would say OMG. After a while I started saying it and my mother told me it was bad and counted as a swear word. When I told my grandmother, she told me it was a prayer. I think both can be true

My priest says:

"Don’t stop there! Oh my God…I am heartily sorry, for having offended thee…

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