Is Scientology a religion, philosophy or a cult?


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Judging by the name “Rob has lapsed” kinda says a lot. But I have to ask since you “work for a living” and since you’re atheist, why would you take the time out of your busy day to join a Catholic Answers web forum?

You used the ‘A’ word in the first line of you 6:31am post. I also indicated that I am from California but to the best of my knowledge that was not a forbidden topic.

I also never used the words ‘money-scheme’. What are you reading?

You are obviously a much more read and educated person that I am and I give you immense credit for that. I can only assume that in this thread the term ‘cult’ had a negative aspect regardless of the root of the word.

In closing (and only because I have things to do and not because I dislike this conversation) I still caution those who choose to disparge other’s ‘baloney’ beliefs and now choose to associate those with a non-belief (a opposed to a specific belief) into a cult. Peace.

Stay on the topic please, not each other.

Back in the 60s and early 70s, the Scientologists would be hacking their wares on the streets of downtown Boston… you know, “Would you like to take a free personality test?”, “Would you like to see a free movie?” They were as annoying as the Hari Krishnas and the Church of Process. At that time, they were very vocal about the fact that they WERE NOT a religion. It was only when the IRS started breathing down their necks that they wanted and eventually got religious status in the US. Therefore, Scientology is a legal religion in the USA, but such was not always the case. It may meet the major criteria of a religion now, but it also, according to experts on the subject, a cult. Is it a philosophy? Maybe, but if so, it doesn’t seem to be a good one.

from another post I made:

we should probably be careful with the definition of cult, I think it’s current modern defintion has taken on a more sinister meaning with the relativley recent events that have transpired in the past.

cult and a scam.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. I can see at least a minuscule amount of value, and at least sense a vague understanding of why people would want to belong to, just about any other religion but this one. It boggles my mind that people buy this.

It’s a L. Ron Hubard fan club

Scam. :hey_bud:

Founded on a bet between SF writers Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke and L. Ron Hubbard about who could create the best religion from scratch. Heinlein and Clarke did theirs as fiction. Hubbard did his for real, and gained a ton of money and notoriety from it. But I like Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land much better.

It doesn’t just “seem” like a scam - it IS a scam. Hubbard famously said (I paraphrase), the easiest way to make money is to start a religion. He took his own advice & did. I grew up next door to a family of Scientologists & I’m convinced that many of the members don’t really believe - the father of the family didn’t, but he made money with the e-meters. (That isn’t conjecture - he told my mother that.He also told her about the qutoe from Hubbard. This was in the mid-60s) The daughter was one of my best friends. Note “was.” The true belevers have a hard time relating to those of us who aren’t.

The only good thing I took away from the Scientology reading I did was the advice to define terms before starting a discussion, especially about religion! :smiley:

I wonder if there are any Scientologists on the Forums :confused:


Harlan Ellison said he was a young fan in the pro-suite when L. Sprague Decamp essentialy “provoked” Hubbard on the Dianetics/Scientology path to riches–though Hubbard already was deeply involved with Occultism, via Jack Parsons (a Crowley devotee)

Let me clarify, “Spragie” was anything but an occultist himself. A secular humanist and skeptic, according to his friends Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Sprague was a moral absolutist who definelty believed in good and evil–which is why those two writers placed him in the “circle of virtuous pagans” in Escape From Hell

Scientology has a philosphy. “Mind over matter” issue is it isn’t its own. So I would say scam. It doesn’t seek “god” or anything as it is just a rip off of Buddhism which is atheistic. It is created by a failed science fiction writer above all other stuff also :smiley: . It has no religious teachings just some alien mumbo jumbo so it is just a scam. Saying it is a cult gives it to much power then what is has already.

I think the reason that scientology attracts so many rich people is the fact that it’s one of the few religions that validates their money. Many of these rich and famous have little in the way of a family life of any kind, and the only thing that has value in their emoty, shallow lives, is money. And scientology is one of the few religions that gives their money worth since money lets them grow in the church.

Hi, Kbwall,

It is really a shame that the group can not be busted under RICO but, I guess it is too late for that. :frowning: The real disaster is what it does to its followers.

I met a Scientologist a couple of times - and each time made me more fearful for this person’s soul! :eek:

God bless

It’s founder Ron L. Hubbard was a student of Anton LaVey master satanist. That speaks volumes!

Hi, Erasmus 1,

Welcome to CAF! :slight_smile:

I really do not know anything about LaVey - what do you know?

Actually, you may be giving Hubbard too much credit - I think he was always a guy looking for a tax dodge - found it and then started working the various angles to beat the IRS. Where he is now … well … let’s say paper money would not last long! :wink:

God bless

LaVey isnt a true satanist nor is the Laverian church really satanist, they are just athiests who want shock value and orgys. they dont worship Satan, they dont even believe hes real, they just like scaring the s*%$ out of Christians and wearing black.

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