Is Screamo Evil?

I go to Mass every Sunday. I celebrate Easter, Christmas, I even go to Holy Days of Obligation. But, as always, there IS a catch. I’m 16, and I listen to “screamo”, “post-hardcore”, or to sum it up, “punk” music. Now my question is, is it WRONG to listen to this type of music? Please exclude the influence of your taste in music, as I want to know whether you think the MUSIC is sinful. If so, why is it ok for mainstream pop artists(for example, Ke$ha and One Direction) to use heavy doses of auto-tune(changes how their voices sound) but somehow unacceptable for punk artists to use “screams”? Isn’t it just another form of expression? How about Christian rock/post-hardcore bands, such as “Blessthefall” and “The Devil Wears Prada”? I have actually been to a Blessthefall concert, and the language was for the most part mild, and the fans were treated well by the band(saying they wanted to see everyone’s beautiful face, etc.)

What is your take on all this?

Catholicism is a lifestyle. I’m not familiar with the “Screamo” genre of music, but I do sometimes hear Techno, Tecktonik, Trance and other electronic genre of music myself.
If you think it’s contradicting with the faith, I suggest you find other ways to entertain yourself.

I would say there is nothing intrinsically evil about the style of any music.

Anything you indulge in is an influence. I’ve always been “into” music, but over the years I’ve realized that many (most?) kinds of music create a mood or mindset that’s not conducive to spirituality. And sometimes there’s a message that is explicitly antithetical to religious values. That’s how it works for me. Nowadays, I listen mostly to classical, and certain types of traditional music (ethnic).
There are other issues, like musicians as role models, and music as an addiction, which I don’t have time to discuss now.

Remember that what goes into your ears, goes into your brain, and affects your feelings and what you say.

Screamo is a genre of music which personally I dislike, but there really isn’t anything wrong with it. It’s music, and as long as they aren’t singing anything contrary to the faith and immoral, go ahead and listen away.

… And if screaming is a form of expression, what exactly is it expressing? Rage? Despair? Frustration? Anger? (I may be way off the mark. I’m not familiar with the genre.) What about the demonic-sounding growls and gutteral voices some bands use, not to mention all the swearing? Creeps me out!

This is just me talking, no facts, just experience and belief. I’m not into “screamo” lol, but I do “indulge” in a wide variety of “angry” sounding music. By which I mean, some yelling, fast guitar, etc. Not bad lyrics. I feel that there is no harm in listening to music that has “changed” voices, as long as the lyrics are clean.
Hope that helps!
Wow, what a lot of quotes I used! :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with the form of music you speak about, but I do know this: Rotten morals stem from idolatry. That is to say what we hold up as ‘great’ will have a direct impact on the way we act, live, converse. We act like what we think is great.

I would ask myself what it is about that music that I like and see if it is compatible with the Holy Spirit. I would also take it to prayer and ask God what He thinks about it.

Expression is not always a good thing. Even crime is a form of expression. We have the power in our tongues and in our works to either build up or destroy the Kingdom of God. As Christians we should have the desire to do the will of God out of love for God. We should always be seeking Christ first. St Paul retorts us to : Pray always.

My take is that in a year or so, you will be amazed that you found anything worth listening to in such noise. :smiley:

Seriously, my son used to listen to a lot of that stuff, and the lyrics were pretty nasty. Of course, I, as a parent, could not understand what was being said, but he told me that the language was profane and some of it glorifies suicide. So I would be careful about which bands you listen to. I would imagine there are even Christian post-punk hardcore “screamo” bands.

All I can ever think is how this style of singing (if you can call it that) is going to damage someone’s vocal chords in short order.

as far as music influencing someone goes, I don’t listen to a song and feel called to kill myself, or jump over a bomb, or whatever. :slight_smile: lol I don’t believe that music can “make” anyone do anything. Just thought I’d throw that out there, since my grand and I were just discussing this.

I’m with RealJuliane and AnneElizabeth. It’s not a question of making you do something but of spiritual influence. I listened a lot to the Velvet Underground in their early days, and it had a terrible effect on me. Anything you indulge in or distract yourself with has an effect on you.

My :twocents:
I think you’d be better off with “screamo” bands over Ke$ha any day - have you heard the lyrics she sings? I’ll never understand why pop is considered okay but harder stuff isn’t when pop music is often filthier…but then I’m a metal/industrial fan, so I’m biased anyways…

Again, I don’t know about screamo, but pretty much any pop music I accidentally hear these days is objectionable in any number if ways. That’s not even considering the level of the music-making. It’s usually extremely repetitious, cliché-ridden, simple-minded and, last but not least, way over-produced. Real, creative musicians don’t get a lot of air-time.

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Just make sure that going to Mass remains more important to you than this or any other type of music. If you do that, you should be fine. :thumbsup:

When I was in college, the student newspaper tried to bait the Catholic Center’s priest into railing against some death metal song about necrophilia. His response was perfect. He said he’s not really worried about such things. The only things that last are those that are true, good, and beautiful. If something is not true, good, or beautiful, then it will be soon forgotten.

Ok. Seems counterintuitive when you see so many things that NOT good, true and beautiful making such headway in our culture, whereas the good, true and beautiful seem to be in eclipse. If the good stuff naturally wins out, as you say … that’s great!

hmmm. I’m no expert on this. But I’m 19 now, and I still listen to “screamo”, as long it’s not against my faith because it’s not comfortable…I Listen to a lot of Christian rock/metal, As I Lay Dying, For All Eternity, Texas In July, Wolves At The gate and Close Your Eyes.

I don’t think the genre as a whole is bad. It depends what they say.

This is by the band For Today
"Broken men are delivered from their bondage to sin.
The hardest hearts break in surrender, and heaven conquers once again.

So I lay down my life for the world to see
that there was only One who could break the chains that bound me.

Call me a fool for this stand, but I would die for that man.
My King is alive! My King is alive!
Call me a fool for this stand, but I would die for that man.
My King is alive! My King is alive!
And He is worthy of everything.

I know I’m not the only one who felt the hands of death.
But I have found the only One who can restore this life.
I… I am convinced He can save you, because I was once in need of a savior.

“If an individual loves God supremely, he will be as conscious that he lives for God as that he lives at all.” - Keith Green

So, in this moment I declare, for the lost and the hopeless:

Deliverer, deliver us. Deliverer, deliver us.
Deliverer, deliver us. Deliverer, deliver us.
Deliverer, deliver us. Deliverer, deliver us. Auh…

Here I stand, unashamed.

Call me a fool for this stand, but I would die for that man.
My King is alive! My King is alive!
Call me a fool for this stand, but I would die for that man.
My King is alive! My King is alive!

And I will hold fast to the profession of my hope, because He who promised is faithful.
(My King is alive! My King is alive!)
Time and time again, in my weakness, He’s been strong for me.
I’ve not just heard about Him, I’ve heard Him.
I’ve not just seen evidence of Him, I’ve seen Him.
(My King is alive! My King is alive!)
He’s alive, and He’s conquered the grave once and for all.
(and for all) (My King is alive!)"

They sound pretty “scary”, but I find better lyrics in this genre than whatever is playing on the radio brainwashing kids to “swag” and “yolo”:smiley:

What tha fuuck?! of course it’s not “evil.” i listen to it all the time… it can really help people. xDD i don’t think i would still be alive if it wasn’t for some of the “screamo” bands i listen too.

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