Is scrupulosity a sin?

Is scrupulosity a sin? refers to bringing a list of sins to confession as potentially “aggravate scrupulosity” which sounds to be like being sinful.



Of course not! But this is exactly what a scrupulous person would think. Scrupulosity is a form of obsessive compulsive behavior and is a psychological matter. Such excessive behavior is fed by the fear of going to hell. So the person is constantly reviewing his actions in the extreme for fear of sinning.

I can see why the confessor said what he said. Fifteen minutes of reading sins is definitely excessive, unless the person is doing a general Confession ( i.e., a Confession for all the sins he has so fare committed in this lifetime.) Scrupulous people should never do a general Confession. They cannot afford to go over past sins–although they will very mush want to.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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