Is secular music ok?

I’ve looked at several old threads on the topic but can’t really get a solid answer. Is it ok to listen to secular music if they have no sinful lyrics or messages?

Secular music can yes be fine to listen to.

One makes a judgment.

Some songs - no. Others yes.

As a musician,
I would say this:

why bother with secular music when
there has NEVER been so much
christian music on Itunes, Youtube, etc.

I listened to secular and played it all my life;
it ruined my soul;

only by the grace of God did I return to Jesus.

Now that I’m back, I’m not hanging around with
ppl that don’t know Him;

musically or otherwise:thumbsup:

I have a feeling that you are much younger than me, but I’ve been listening to secular music all my life and I don’t think I’m any the worse for it. You may not be familiar with these "“golden oldies” but give em a listen on you tube.

“People Get Ready,” The Impressions with Curtis Mayfield
“Bridge Over Troubled Waters” Simon and Garfunkel
“Healing Hands” Elton John
“Abraham,Martin, and John” - Dion
“You Raise Me Up” - Josh Grogan (the you tube video using scenes from “The Passion of the Christ” is especially powerful)

In fact, it might be a good thread to start asking for secular music that is uplifting and consistent with Catholic values. There are many out there.

And if you can get a hold of the movie “Sister Act” they do a rousing edition of Little Peggy March’s song, "I will Follow Him.’

There’s a lot of good secular music out there, though I have to admit that I wouldn’t go looking for it in Rap, Heavy Metal, Punk,or Hip Hop.

Good luck

if it’s clean and doesn’t promote anything objectionable, then it’s fine

“Secular music” is a broad term that could equally include Baroque concertos. classical symphonies, Beethoven’s works, etc. Does anyone actually believe such works are inappropriate to listen to? I always wonder this whenever I see a question about “secular music.”


I personally don’t like many ‘contemporary Christian’ groups or their music. I used to like rock but found that when it was in the Christian genre it didn’t seem right.

I heard Pat Robertson make a comment that when he was in Africa many years ago, they played some Christian Rock. Some animist elders came and wanted to know why the Christians were summoning demons. That’s what they thought the drum beats were doing! I wish I could find the reference to cite here.

I’ve read enough about the train wrecks that become famous in Rock n Roll and I believe that there might be a correlation.

Do I still enjoy some old classic Rock? Yes, but less and less.

There was a band called Extreme back in the early nineties. They had a song named 'Whole Hearted". I thought it was Christian, and sure nuff it was!!! Great song!!!

I’m leaning again towards Classical. Some spirituals, some hymns… I don’t seem to enjoy most secular anything. TV, Movies, etc. But I still have a television in the house!!!

Be very careful what you let into your home, heart, and mind.

God Bless you!

As others said avoid music containing lyrics about violence, sex, atheism, and any other sinful things. Also avoid music that is harmful to your health. I find loud, heavy metal stuff to be stress-inducing. Even if the lyrics were good, I wouldn’t listen to it.

TV is fine. Just keep it tuned to EWTN at all times. :smiley: :grin:

Our local cable company removed it!!! So if I want to watch it, I have to watch it on the pc.

The answer to this question is not simple, because secular music is such a vast field.

There are some traditionally-minded Catholics, such as Michael Matt, who view almost all secular music (especially rock) as Satan-inspired and warn us to have nothing to do with it.

There are others, not in the “Traditionalist” camp, such as E. Michael Jones, who warn that much popular music is “Dionysian” in nature, meant to arouse the id and sexual feelings, even if the lyrics seem simple or unobjectionable.

While there may be merit to these views in specific cases, I believe the truth is more complex. Some secular music is morally problematic because it portrays sin as positive (“sex, drugs and rock n’ roll”); and even secular music without offensive lyrics or themes can be problematic because of the lifestyles and views of the musicians involved (drug use, promiscuity, “pro-choice”, pro-homosexuality, and so on.)

Like literature, discernment is what is called for, and if one is easily scandalized, or struggling with particular sins, it is best to avoid any occasion of sin.

Also, “rap” music is the Devil’s own. It’s missing either a “c” at the beginning, or an “e” at the end. If Black Lives Matter, they should stop listening to it. :smiley:

The church should list banned songs. The disgusting “Only the good Die Young” comes to mind.

I’m also a musician and play at prayer group masses & love a lot of the religious songs…but I still play & listen to secular music.
There is nothing wrong with a majority of secular songs, ( Sinatra, Bennett, etc.). They can be very uplifting. Classical & jazz instrumentals have nothing evil in them.
Did the apostles stop fishing when they followed Jesus???

I love Billy Joel but always hated that song because of its mockery of a pure Catholic girl!

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