Is secular music okay to listen too?

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I have a couple of questions for you “is secular music okay to listen too?”, and How far does it have to go before it is considered a sin? Thank you, and May our Lord Bless you!

Of course it is okay. Last time I checked we weren’t required to tap our toes to the Salve Regina!

Where, on earth did you get the idea that listening to secular music may be a sin?
The only sin in listening to secular music that I can think of, are songs with blatantly erotic or blasphemous lyrics. A good guide as to which songs these may be, are those songs that cannot be broadcast on radio or TV in the US.

It is perfectly fine.

If it causes you or those around you to sin then it is wrong.

Also, be cautious of the power of music.

For example listening to a lot of gangster rap will begin to change your views on life negatively

Do everything in moderation and make sure you walk with God.

The Church does not make a blanket condemnation of “secular” arts.

We need to evaluate what we come across in light of the Gospel and Catholic teaching and discern whether it is a positive or negative influence in our lives. A song does not have to explicitly be about Jesus in order for it to be positive and uplifting.

i think a lot of secular music is not appropriate becasue it is very degrading to women and uses alot os sexual refernces , aslo alot swearing. i think listening to secular music is like watching television, you just have to screen the lyrics. i am in my fiftys and prefer alot of music from the sixtys. aslo i like taylor swift , some country music is ok, but even that is now that has started using alot of sexual references. as i said just screen the lyrics and you will find alot of good music.

In general, I’m sure secular music is okay to listen to. If it is vocal music which contains obscene, blasphemous or erotic language, it may not be all right.

I think secular music has reached the point of crossing too many lines: degrading women, glamorizing violence, and profanity. Do I need to hear various explicit words coming from the car next to me? Do I need to hear itches and hs? Sorry. There is no defense for too much “somebody else likes it so they want it to be popular” music. No way. Dump secular radio and quit the overtly sexual junk. There is very little out there worth listening to, very little.

Better to err on the side of caution than be vague about it. Call most of it what it is: dirty, filthy, and immoral. And that doesn’t include the live and video performances by some.


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