Is sex operation moral in this case? (A post about hermaphrodites)

Let me just start off by saying I don’t necessarily agree with transgender sex changes.

But what I’m talking about here, is something different. I’m not taking about a person who calls themselves transgender. I am talking about a legitimate, true hermaphrodite.

A hermaphrodite is a person who was born with both sets of sex organs, and whose sex chromosomes do not distinctly identify them as either male or female.

Let’s say this particular hermaphrodite has the sex chromosome XXY.

XX = female

XY = male

XXY = ???

So it seems like in an instance such as this, where both the body and the DNA composition points to neither female or male, it would be up to the person’s own mind to determine which sex they feel they are.

Would it be moral in this case then, for a true hermaphrodite with both sets of sex organs and with XXY chromosomes to remove the male sex organs if they identified themselves as female in their minds? Would it be just as morally neutral as removing extra limbs a person might be born with?

Please vote on the poll, and explain your rationale.

Such a condition is usually observed shortly after birth. A medical professional would advise the parents after certain tests were performed. Under their doctor’s guidance, and determination of which sexual characteristics are dominant, the parents agree to an operation. A baby could not know this. True Hermaphroditism is rare.


I believe that only a qualified doctor in gynecology can determine the truth of the claim. Then, if - and only if - the person is a true hermaphrodite, the moral decision should be up to the individual in question. Can that being bear children if the female sex is chosen? If not, the male should be chosen.
But that’s only my opinion based on a “practical” solution for all concerned.

Modern thinking is that the person should be able to develop their sexual identity first before any surgery is performed.

My first thought about this would be why God would allow such a thing to even happen? I mean, a person is either male or female…if a being is born with BOTH organs though, that sort of throws a wrench into the whole thing IMO. and kind of leads me to think maybe God does not have as much to do with a persons birth as we think he does…? would kind of be a genetic mistake or flaw, but its said God does not make mistakes, so…?

Of course it is moral.

Can you provide a reference? Children would not be mentally or emotionally competent to make such a decision. A professional in the field would still be required. I mean even if a boy thought like a girl and had partial female sex organs, for example, along with male sex organs, the decision should rest with the parents and a medical professional.


Isn’t that a huge risk though? Wouldn’t it be better to let the person mature into adulthood and THEN determine which sex characteristics are TRULY more dominant?

The teaching is that Creation was deformed or damaged after The Fall. For example, Jesus tells us about eunuchs, and makes a relevant comment.

Our first parents had the gift of bodily immortality, literally, but lost it after The Fall.


Here’s the long answer from the Mayo Clinic:


If deciding on one sex is moral, I’d say it’s probably better to wait for the individual to grow up and let them play a role in determining the “right” sex. Just my opinion. Very interesting though, thank you for all the information. I am pleased to know the Church would be ok with such operation.

The Church is OK regarding necessary medical procedures, but gender identity is a different matter.


You wrote, “Our first parents had the gift of bodily immortality, literally, but lost it after The Fall.”

Did they?

Was the “death” spoken of in Genesis, which I suppose is how you have come to the conclusion that humans were physically immortal, concerning the physical or the spiritual?

Since it seems to suggest that death could very well be imminent if something was done that was not suppose to have been done and physical death was down the road, so to speak, could be the death spoken of was of a spiritual nature, as opposed to a physical nature.

If this were the case than what was said was quite literal rather than being of an allegorical nature.

From a Catholic Answers tract:

"Preternatural Gifts

"The biblical image of man’s origin contradicts the scientific mythos, which sees life, and therefore man, as constantly evolving from less perfect to more perfect states. Most children today are raised with a comic-book social Darwinism: Prehistoric life was nasty, brutish, and short; Neanderthals ran around dressed in ragged skins beating each other over the heads with bones and dragging women off into caves by the hair. Slowly, over tens of thousands of years, these inferior ancestors evolve until finally modern man emerges from the primordial darkness of violence and superstition, and the way to moral betterment is wholesale commitment to “progress.”

"Christian tradition teaches the opposite: that humankind was originally created in a state of innocence and justice, in full possession of the dignity proper to our species, and was provided with preternatural gifts that elevated and perfected human nature. Adam was Superman, not Tarzan. Human beings in the garden were not subject to the frailties and failings of our present life. They possessed the preternatural gifts of:

impassibility (freedom from pain)
immortality (freedom from death)
integrity (freedom from concupiscence, or disordered
infused knowledge (freedom from ignorance in matters
essential for happiness)"



I’m not sure what you mean.

As I stated earlier, I’m not talking about transgender people, I am talking strictly about true hermaphrodites with both sets of fully developed sex organs and XXY chromosomes.

Only a doctor should give advice about what should be done. A psychological evaluation appears to be in order. It seems the recommendation from the medical community is that a decision should be made sooner rather than later.


I personally probably wouldn’t just jump the gun and do the operation right there and then. I would probably just let my child grow up so that they could play a role in determining their more appropriate sex. It would be quite difficult to psychologically evaluate an infant.


This is problematic only if you believe God is constantly micromanaging every aspect of the universe, including all our lives. I personally believe that God is not consciously making bad things happen, and making good things happen.

Prayer has power. When we ask rightly. We cannot know what He will or will not do, but He knows what our future is already.


:eek: What a backward article.

But, totally not on topic, so let’s move on. Intersexed people are not transgendered are not homosexual…

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