Is she from God?


Hi thank you for listening!

I am dating this girl I really like. Im 21 she is 19. so far it feels like God has been doing a lot of work to put us together as she didn’t want a boyfriend, she just wanted to be friends.

Now we are together, and honestly I don’t know how because I screw up a lot, I’m not very good with relationships…

How do i know if she is from God?
Because I have dated other girls before and got rejected and it was painful so I don’t want anymore games I really want to find my vocation. So far I think it is marriage…

Are there signs I should be looking for to know if she is the one sent from God?

Another thing a priest told me is that God allows girls to reject me or go with another boy to humble me as I am a proud person…I accept the previous rejections and girls picking other guys over me but I don’t know what I would do if it happens with this girl, because I like her very much…

this scared me a lot as I want to be humble but i don’t want to be depressed again…


Pray for your relationship and for her. As long as she does not turn you away from God or encourage you into a sinful lifestyle then I see no harm .
Thank God in prayer that you are together and let Jesus guide you both in your journey.


thank you :slight_smile:


hi George.

on issues like guidance towards the future and your vocation, you should not ask just any priest or person for advice… rather I recommend you get a SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR who will spiritually accompany you in your quest as well as follow your progress. I have personally experienced several priests giving contradictory and even misleading recommendations on the same issue. so my advice is open your ears and your heart to a specific spiritual director.


Everyone on earth is from God.

Please don’t over analyse and stress yourself out too much. I know it’s easier said than done. If you really like her and want things to work out, enjoy each others company, relax and be truthful. Honesty is very important in a relationship.

We all suffer from ‘pride’ from time to time. If your Priest has pointed it out. Perhaps it’s something to work on. Don’t worry I suffer from this too. In an effort to combat my pride I went and volunteered to work with the homeless and see Christ in the faces of all the homeless. I realised how lucky I am by accident of birth, opportunities and circumstance. Humility is something we all need to work on but it must be a conscious and concerted effort.

I hope things work out for you two. :wink:

Blessings and prayers ascending for you.


Ok I will thank you!


prayers and blessings to you too! thank you for the advice :slight_smile:


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