IS shows no sign of weakening as Mosul battle enters third month

IS shows no sign of weakening as Mosul battle enters third month

Thank you for the update. The Siege of Mosul is taking much longer than anticipated – particularly considering the size of the forces allied against ISIS. Kurds hold the north, Iraqi’s and U.S. are fighting along the eastern flank, and Iranian troops are cutting off the supply lines west of the city. The Iraqi/US forces are also acting as a buffer from the south of the city. Supply lines to the allies are intact. Tactical airstrikes and special force activities are the manner in which the allied offensive is currently being conducted, with no use of heavy artillery for fear of harming innocent civilians.There seems to be a certain level of strategic coordination at the highest levels among the allies (which, considering the complexity of religious and tribal animus that usually exists within the relationships of majority forces on the ground, is quite remarkable). I suspect that, when this battle is over, there will be further bloodshed as once-allied-and-now-warring parties try to assert control.

My biggest concern is for the civilian populations. According to the article posted, over 100,000 people have already fled the scene of combat, but more than a million more remain in the city. The eastern half of the city (the Tigris runs through the middle of town) has been isolated by the destruction of four of the five bridges that connect the eastern half from the western half. That means that civilians that want to flee combat in the eastern sector will be forced to use the only cross-over point available. This could prove disastrous.

Even if the allies declare Mosul an Open City allowing the civilian populations to leave the combat areas in accordance with Geneva conventions, ISIS does not (and probably will not) agree to the terms. The current situation in Mosul may be akin to Manila in 1945 where a great tragedy occurred because the Japanese – even though they were surrounded and out gunned – refused to leave the city. Civilian casualties were enormous. Heaven wept.

The United States, under the direction of the Obama administration, has moved itself into a stalemate with no good solution is sight. This mistake is further compounded by making a military alliance with untrustworthy political factions – and those factions are armed to the teeth. Let’s pray for the people of Mosul.

Mosul could end up as another Aleppo. I doubt those trying to take it are much more greatly concerned about civilian casualties than is ISIS. To my understanding, Mosul is a predominantly Sunni Arab city. The assaulting forces are almost exclusively Kurdish Sunni and Iranian-led Shia. The way things go in that part of the world, nobody much minds killing people for ethnic or religious reasons. ISIS just publishes it more.


This half-hearted commitment to use adequate military solutions by the Obama admin against ISIS (and other terrorist groups) and his full embracing of UAV/drone attacks in multiple countries (To most likely minimize public exposure to his base – and make him feel his hands are cleaner.) may have an unfortunate effect of long lasting instability in the Middle East and Africa.

So much suffering could be avoided by strong leadership.

you know day, the Islamic State will be defeated it might not even be buy guns and bombs. Our Lord has worked miracles before and he will work them again now obviously you don’t have to believe what I’m saying I can’t make you believe anything but I know miracles happen and I know it’s going to take one to end this

Thanx for the thread, Gilliam, I will
say a Rosary for sparing the civilians
caught in this embattled city of Mosul!!

Our Father, who is in heaven,
hallowed be Your Name,
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done on earth as
it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass
against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

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