Is SI swimsuit sinful to own?

Hi, Im Tucker I am a 16 year old who is becoming a Catholic and have a few questions, 1) I have lived as a Methodist for my entire life and we don’t do confessions so will I have to list off all my sins from my entire life as I cannot remember all of 16 years!? Also if i were to die in a car wreck on my way to confessional what would happen? Would my sins be forgiven? Lastly I own SI swimsuit issues( its just models in swimsuits in case your not familiar) is that wrong?

Confession to another person can be daunting, even when we know the priest will never disclose the secrets of confession. It can still be embarrassing to any young man. Just discuss your life with the priest, no need for lists. Serious sins ie mortal, need to be specifically noted. If you have perfect contrition for your sins in your prayers to Jesus, hating them because they are an insult to Him, you can feel comforted in His arms if He calls you before you can attend confession.
I don’t know how graphic these mags are but if they are simply swimsuit models and not in risque pose, then you shouldn’t worry,but mention it to the priest when you make your first confession. Welcome and may you be blessed by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Im not sure if i can account for all mortal sins over 16 years thats a long time

simply do your best and do not purposefully withold anything.

Hey Tucker! This is about the best post I have ever read on any forum, anywhere. :thumbsup:

God loves you and if you desired to go to confession and died I guess we’ll have to leave it to His love.

I’m not sure if an SI swimsuit issue is a sin or not but it certainly is better than what we had at 16 but maybe it couldn’t hurt to throw it out… My favorite as a kid was Kathy Ireland.

Tucker, who is 16, I think you’re going to be just fine! Keep asking questions, always.

Thanks everyone for your answers its confusing when your changing something so important in your life, especially when your leaving a church your family has clergy in

Awesome! Simply awesome!

  1. Just do the ones you remember. If you remember some later, you can mention those in your next confession. Most of all… relax.
  2. Yes, if you were on your way to confession and died your sins would be forgiven, per several replies I have seen from the apologists.
  3. :o Ok… no problem if it stays on the coffee table… That is where i would leave it :whistle:
    If it starts talking to you and working on your mind… like page 37, toss it, splash your face with cold water, and watch Father Knows Best on Nick at Night! [Or shoot some hoops with a light jacket on.] Your going to be Ok Tucker!

Thanks for your response its nice to have people who listen outside my family for once

The weird thing being im becoming Catholic but im an msnbc viewer- not really a sitcom guy

Every Methodist I have ever met, current, or converted, have all been “stand-up kind of folks.”
I LIKE the fact they focus on charity so much.

Shhhh… don’t tell too many people in here you watch MSNBC! There are some strong conservative types in here. :rotfl: [really its ok, there are all types here. I am in the boring old middle.]

Sure you can, and be grateful you don’t have 40 years of sins to confess! Remember the Fathers here this stuff all-the-time! You don’t have to go into lurid detail, generic but too the point. Go into detail if it gives better understanding of a heavy duty sin, otherwise just go down the list. If the Priest has any questions he will ask.

I looked forward to getting all that junk OFF my chest. I did burst into tears though on my fist confession. Instant box of tissues.

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Hi Tucker,

What I find helpful for me to use before I go to confession is to read an “Examination of Conscience” booklet or leaflet. You can usually find one in a Catholic bookstore in your area.

It is based on the Ten Commandments, and will help guide you and help you with how you can make the most of your time in confession.

For example, you might see the Eighth Commandment about “bearing false witness against your neighbor,” and then you might be asked a question about gossiping.

This might help you to collect your thoughts before you go to confession.

Regarding the Sports Illustrated magazines, I personally wouldn’t keep them anymore. I think that it is too much temptation to have them around.

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Methodist’s are good people for sure the ministers really bond with people in my church i cant go anywhere without people asking about my Grandfather who served as the pastor 20 years ago… The big issue is changing things is very hard we have no Pope we have general confernce which is a 1000 person congress leads to real gridlock, we still fire all openly gay workers which even if you dont like gay marriage is wrong

I love this young man! You have a lifetime to go, don’t sweat it. I would bet all my money that God is smiling down upon you right now. Just do your best.

Keep posting!

I just saw something about threapy that is ok for catholics, does that mean some therapy is not ok?

It probably meant that this type of therapy is safe for those with Catholic beliefs, e.g. the therapist won’t make you do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable as opposed to going to see a therapist who is a bit “new agey”. This might make some Catholics feel uncomfortable.

Ah ok i thought it was like Catholics didnt believe in mental health therapy or something

No, Catholics do believe that there are mental issues that should be addressed by doctors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.

As opposed to the “olden days” when every mental health issue meant someone was possessed. In fact, Catholics don’t believe in performing an exorcism unless poor mental health is ruled out to the best of my knowledge.

I know you didn’t ask about the second paragraph but thought I would throw it in there in case you were thinking Catholics are against all forms of mental health treatment outside the Church.

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I know exorcism is still sometimes practiced-- Theres a guy who does them in Louisville,

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