Is skipping school in this case sinful?

My doctor gave me a 2 day MC from school after telling her I had a bad cough. What I didn’t tell her though is that my cough goes on and off, meaning it isn’t a constant bad cough. The bad cough is usually triggered from my anxiety (negative thoughts, etc) and I was kinda embarrassed to admit that I had it so I just remained silent.

She gave me a 2 day MC, but I was feeling perfectly fine to go to school but I chose not to. Would this be sinful?

Your doctor may have known anyway or at least suspected. I had a doctor just come right out and tell me once that I had issues just like yours when I came to her for something physical. Maybe it’s a blessing from God. Maybe you should spend the second day in prayer, fasting, and giving alms. Yes, we are called to obey those in authority, but you have a higher authority: one who can heal your anxiety or at least give you the grace to bear it redemptively as he bore the cross. If I’m not seeing this too late and you do still have one more day off, try spending it with the Lord. If you’re back at school, then may the Lord bless you.

O Lady of Mental Peace,
Mother of Tranquility and
Mother of Hope,
look upon me in this time
of disquiet and weakness.
Still my restless spirit,
teach my searching heart to know
that God’s love for me
is unchanging and that the suffering
which He may will for me now
is to draw me closer to Him.
Let thy gentle peace and His —
which the world cannot give —
be always with me, that I may
be sanctified: and then:
I beseech thee
for the grace to bring this
peace to others.
Jesus, My Savior, I give myself
entirely to Thee through Mary:
Our Lady of Mental Peace,
pray for me!

No but you cannot fight scruples and anxiety on your own. You need a councillor. And a regular confessor.

You should have taken 3 days… you know … just to be sure. :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding.

I seriously doubt it was sinful, even if you did feel better, best to follow the Doc’s advice, some people say they feel better and stop taking their antibiotics without realizing the ability for it to come back this time with resistances to those antibiotics, which is why they have to finish the course of antibiotics even if they do feel better or ‘over it.’

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

She gave you two days, if you feel fine, then you should probably have gone to school. But I don’t think this is sinful. You were given two days, so you could choose to do whatever you please with them. That’s my opinion :shrug:

What do your parents say about your illness, your anxiety, and your scruples? What do your parents say regarding staying home from school?

What a relief, thank you, and thanks too for the prayers :slight_smile:

Yeah :frowning: I keep procrastinating on looking for a good one. I should start looking soon, thank you :slight_smile:

I indeed should have :smiley:

Definitely a relief to hear. Good point too actually, also wouldn’t wanna be in school passing people my bug haha. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

I should have to be honest, missed out on a few lessons. But did some self-revision at home such as watching YouTube videos based on what we were learning in class. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

My dad gave me the choice of whether I want to go to school or not. I haven’t told them about my scruples, but they know I have anxiety. I haven’t talked much to my parents about my anxiety though, only my aunt really knows about it and a friend of hers whom is a psychiatrist

Please talk to your parents and let them help you get into counseling.

I will eventually, though my family is currently going through issues at the moment so I don’t want to overburden them. Currently I’m seeing my school psychologist with my anxiety problems, so it should work for the mean time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice 1ke :slight_smile:

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