Is Sky Angel satellite okay for Catholics?


I want to keep my cable for the few good shows out there, but found something called Sky Angel. You need a satellite to receive it. I was wondering if it was okay because it seems it may have some protestant-type shows on it. I would like it for the movies channel it has and the contemporary christian music videos. Please check out this link :

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Everything on there is Protestant except for Familyland, which is solidly and orthodox-ly Catholic. If you watch that channel, you will get very familiar with Cardinal Arinze, who has done hundreds, if not thousands, of programs for them. Watching that channel helped me on my journey into the Church.

However, I don’t know if it would be worth the price of the subscription just to have that one channel to watch. When DirectTV picked up EWTN, we dropped Sky Angel.



I have also looked into it, and it just seemed too Protestant. There is only one Catholic channel, Catholic Familyland TV; they don’t even carry EWTN! If you really want movie channels, I would go with a basic cable package, and use the v-chip to block the objectional programming on other channels. Plus, I think virtually all cable companies now carry EWTN. :thumbsup:


We went with DishTV because of EWTN -


DIRECTV carries EWTN also.


I have SkyAngel. Although it has mostly Prostetant programming I enjoy Familyland. Also SkyAngel has added The Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movie Channel, Fox News channell & HGTV to it’s lineup. I hope that they will add EWTN soon.


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