Is sleeping all day a mortal sin?

Hey everyone. Is sleeping all day a mortal sin?

Why would it be?
Context, please?

I slept all day because I was lazy and maybe a little bit depressed. I thought it might be the mortal sin of slothfulness.

I don’t believe it’s a mortal sin, but I have no knowledge either way.

It’s certainly not good to do, without having good reasons (and if it involved you skipping Mass then it was, indeed, a grave matter for the reason of you missing Mass). However, sometimes we have lazy days.

Is it something that occurs frequently, or was it necessary to emotionally or physically recharge? Were you indulging in harmful thoughts that won’t benefit you and only make you more sad?

Again, without really knowing, I’d say it’s pretty unlikely that falls under grave matter, but it’s nevertheless something to avoid because it can certainly lead you into more serious sin in the future. If it was just a lazy day, let it go. If it’s going to become a habit, seek real help.

The seven deadly sins are not mortal sins, anyways; they are “gateway” sins, which is why they are so deadly.

I sure hope that sleeping all day is not sinful. Before a stroke that made me unable to work I worked mostly at nights the midnight shift. You have to sleep sometime and I got used to sleeping in the day time. Now I go to sleep about 3am and sleep until 1 or so.

The only time I get up early is Sundays, other than Saturday Evening they don’t have Mass for people who work nights.

Depression is an illness, not a sin. Go see a doctor about it.

Depression and Despair

*"DESPAIR is the most serious sin a person can commit! In John, 20:22 Jesus imparts the Holy Spirit unto the Apostles with the words: “…Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.” When Jesus empowered the Apostles to forgive sins He did it by imparting the Holy Spirit unto them. When we deny the power of the priest to forgive even our most horrendous sins we are, in effect, denying the Holy Spirit, and as we read in Mark, 3:28, this is an unforgivable sin.

Like presumption, despair is a sin against the First Commandment. It steers us away from hope, which is an infused virtue received at Baptism together with sanctifying grace and having the possession of God as its primary object. In Mark, 3:28-29, we read that: “Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin.”*

The article you link to does not use the word depression at all.

Depression is a medical condition and, if that’s what the OP has, requires medical treatment.

Despair is something different, as described here:

Nothing in the OPs posts indicate the voluntary sin of despair.

tell me the thoughts of a depressed person

What do you mean by sleeping all day? You wouldn’t know if you slept all day until you woke up so how could it be deliberate?

If a depressed person experiences “despair”, it is with a different meaning from that given theologically. See my link above for what despair means theologically; it is not the same as depression.

Regarding depression, perhaps you are someone who denies that such mental illnesses exist at all? But with a little research, you can find for yourself that it is a term that encompasses many conditions, and relates to many other conditions also, and is a very complex area of mental health. Someone who experiences depression (eg a symptom might be that someone wants to sleep all day) should discuss this with their doctor and look at ways of managing the illness even in its early stages.

Someone who chooses the sin of despair needs another form of counselling. But the OP has indicated nothing along these lines.


Ok but we don’t know anything about how the OP is really thinking or feeling with these feelings of depression,

how do we know her thoughts and feelings are not despair? how do we know if she has lost hope or not in her life? hope of getting better and getting on with a better life?

I gathered depression and despair are along the same lines? as like those websites have the two words together talking about the same or similar things.

if one feels sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, hurt, or restless cannot a healthy relationship with the Lord help with all of this?

If someone wants medical treatment for depression ,then let them go ahead ,but I don’t believe medicine is all there is to healing this problem.

Even with other mental illnesses (schizophrenia ) doctors say medication can only do so much,the person still needs to live a good and healthy lifestyle…and having God in your life can help a lot.

God bless

Well, it depends on how the words are being used. If we are talking about depression as a medical condition and despair from a theological perspective (ie sin), then no, they are not along the same lines. Some of the articles may use despair in the more typical manner (not theologically), synonomous with deep depression, but this is not at all equivalent with sin, in which despair is a voluntary act of the will.

Yes, healthy relationships, with the Lord and other people, are certainly important in the treatment of depression and other psychological conditions.

A good doctor, and good counsellor or health-care professional, will help a person see that they need to embrace a wholistic approach to dealing with their depression, which may or may not directly involve medicine. The first step more typically will not be medicine, but a look at factors such as recent life events (eg bereavment), lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, and their general interests and activities.

Not surprisingly, one of the best things a depressed person can do is simply to get more active!

I slept all morning, got up for a while, and then went back to bed for the rest of the day.

Yes…i must do the same myself…

Staying in bed all day is not the best way to stay active isn’t it…despair so they say is a loss of hope,maybe or how do we know if she perhaps hasn’t lost hope with life,or of getting a job ,or is losing hope of having the strength to face another day

Hope is a great gift right up there with faith and love,

don’t u think depressed people could do with a bit more hope?

Your link doesn’t work because you spelled it wrongly.

However, I suffer from chronic severe depression and let me tell you it is totally different from the theological sin of despair. Depression is a horrible illness that nobody willingly suffers. It affects every aspect of your life, including sleep patterns. There is no sin in sleeping all day if you are depressed - it’s a way of coping with feeling low, and a better way than drinking, say.

I get really annoyed when people try to imply that mental illness is down to some moral fault. Try having some empathy.


I just happen to think mental healthcare (and not necessarily medication) can play a vital role in restoring that sense of hope (in a general sense), if a person suffers from a depressive illness. If a person loses hope in a theological sense, then treatment of an illness is also approaopriate if one exists, but their needs will be different in this specific regard.

Either way, don’t stay in bed all day. Get up and get active. Being active is often the best way to fend of depression. If one is so depressed that they can’t bring themselves to get out of bed, then get some help.

If you sleep all day there is a reason for it. You may have been up all night for a number of reasons, work, sleeplessness, or maybe you have been ill. The closest thing to a sin is maybe why you may have been up all night for some other reason, like been out dancing, or drinking, but I guess you don’t drink.

Not all we do are sinful deeds. Living all time thinking “is this a sin or are that a sin” is IMO not living att all. The RCC have teach us what is sinful what is not, so let’s stick to those sins, much easier to avoid and much easier to regocnize. We can’t all the time be on alert so that we know what is a sin or not. You know when you sin by the fact that you feel bad. But if you feel bad because you did sleep all day, you will feel better if you confess it, but I am sure it is not a sin. If we live a normal Catholic life the possibility to commit a sin is near to nothing. God bless you.

and I get really annoyed when people attack by their posts

don’t talk to me again

Hey everyone. Can we please get back to the subject which was whether or not sleeping all day is a mortal sin? I’m sorry but I didn’t start the thread for it to be about depression but for it to be about sleeping all day. Thanks.

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