Is smoking weed wrong?

Hi guys, last night I was with some friends at university and we were vaping weed. I had a few hits but didn’t really get high (definitely not an occasion for sin). It was really just similar to the buzz you get after 3 beers; a little tipsy, but definitely not drunk/losing the ability reason. Is this a serious sin? Or is it only wrong in that it is illegal? I am aware of the section of the Catechism that prohibits drug use except on therapeutic grounds, but wouldn’t that also prohibit alcohol, caffeine, etc.? Let me know if what I did was serious or if I’m overthinking things.

You’re probably going to get a range of opinion on this, but in my mind it’s wrong inasmuch as it’s illegal, and we’re bound to obey laws. At least, laws that don’t contradict the natural law.

If weed were legal, I don’t see why it’s occasional, moderate use would be immoral. I’d basically apply the same framework to weed as I would to alcohol: don’t abuse it, don’t endanger others through the use of it, and don’t use to the point of excess. So a mild buzz would probably be fine, but becoming completely whacked out would not.


PDF - Bishops

More Bishops…from a number of different States.

It’s basically legal here in Canada, haha. but thanks for the help!

Cool, thanks for the info.

Most of that seems to be arguing that legalization of weed is not prudent as a matter of public policy, which is something that reasonable people can disagree on. That’s different than saying it’s sinful in the religious sense.

I don’t think complete lack of exercise is prudent/a good idea, but I wouldn’t tell someone they should go to confession if they haven’t been hitting the treadmill.

Read the articles…more to them than just the political…thought that is the focus due to persons seeking to make things legal.

Not something to do.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

2291 The use of drugs inflicts very grave damage on human health and life. Their use, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is a grave offense. Clandestine production of and trafficking in drugs are scandalous practices. They constitute direct co-operation in evil, since they encourage people to practices gravely contrary to the moral law.

For sure, that’s the quote I was making reference to in the original post. however, caffeine and alcohol are both licit in moderation according to Church teaching. I don’t see how weed is different, personally. (Of course with hard drugs, it takes so little to become impaired, and the damage is so great, that I would argue they are always immoral) To me, the main issue would be with the legality.

I would say that “weed” would fit into the things one *ought not *to do…

If the Church has a definitive teaching on marijuana, I’d like to know it.

Such is covered in the section prior.

I would again say that weed is among the things that one ought not do (aside perhaps for authentic medical reasons…which is a different qeustion)

Read all the documents from the Bishops…you do not get such for that which one does in moderation…

The Church does not issue such regarding individual drugs…that would be a large and endless task…

See Catechism on the use of drugs … and the Bishops statements in the articles (embeded links too).

Getting high on illicit drugs for the sake of altering your brain, or to give in to peer pressure is not holy. So if you would rather, instead of asking yourself if it is sinful, ask if it is holy. Did you do the holy thing?

I’m still stuck on basically legal, is that like kinda pregnant?

The main reason I’m asking is so I know whether this is worth going to confession for. By basically legal, I mean that in Canada, possessing or smoking weed is illegal, but in practice you will never be fined or prosecuted for it. It’s similar to how every business here is required to provide a place for people to tie up a horse, but no one does. Or how you can’t pay for anything over 25c exclusively with pennies. Both of these are illegal, but they are, in practice, legal.

You can speak with a spiritual director at the next opportunity or bring it up in the confessional if you wish. We cannot form your conscience for you. Your culpability in sin is not an Internet votable thing. If 10 people said no problem but 3 people said problem would you be culpable? It doesn’t work that way.

What you can do is use this as an opportunity to introspect about doing something you knew was not a good idea because of social pressure. College is s time of formation. You get to decide your character.

what you did was at the least, gross. At the worst it’s getting high on illicit drugs. You can either defend it to suppress guilty feelings or you can learn and grow and become stronger.

Pope Francis.


Thanks for the help. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t get high, as I was in full control of my will and reasoning capacities. I feel no more guilty than I would after having 3 or 4 drinks, and I was in no occasion of sin. My main concern is if ANY use of marijuana is contrary to Church teaching, which from research, it doesn’t appear to be (other than the legal issue of course). I do appreciate the input though. If I’m completely out to lunch on this perspective, let me know.

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