Is smoking weed wrong?

Definitely didn’t think of it that way, thank you.

Recreational use of an illicit drug is not something that a good Catholic should do.

That is pretty clear.

The problem with marajuana is that there is no real dosage. 1 joint or vape (ugh) can deliver different amounts of the drug. Also, since you weren’t clear on the morality but chose to do so anyway shows a lack of judgement. It is a good time now to form your character. Excusing, minimizing, or forming loopholes to work through doesn’t help build you into the child of God you are intended to be.

Don’t be a follower in your social circle. Be a person of strong conviction and character. Hopefully next time you can just say no thank you and continue to enjoy your day with your friends. No need to preach to them or even chastise them, that won’t really work in your social circle, but be confident in yourself enough to e able to live virtuously.

You fell, learn from it.

What about altering your brain by drinking alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine or even hard liquor? Would that also be unholy? Is it a sin to become tipsy?

Feel free to counsult the CCC. Or an examination of conscience. But generally it’s a self fueling sin, the further one clouds ones judgement, the further the person goes from the ability to control his will.

Taking away or diminishing the ability to reason on purpose is unholy or sinful matter.

A general rule is if you are saying things you wouldn’t say sober or doing things you wouldn’t do sober you have gone to far. The problem is that once you are there, you are not in full control.

The other problem is that most people grossly overestimate their tolerance. Especially in college! :wink:

Honestly though the straw man of alchohol is not a real issue when talking about pot. Though it is effective in confusing the issue.

When the catechism says “drugs” what are they talking about? For example, aspirin is a drug and so is motrin.

Yes, and taking too much of either can cause blood clots, liver damage, and overdosing can cause death.

Any ‘drug’ can be misused. And of course, new drugs are being developed every day.

Taking any drug illegally, whether it is taking a drug which is classified as a controlled substance, or as an illegal substance, or taking too much of a non controlled, non illegal substance, is morally wrong. And by ‘too much’ I mean to the point of danger of injury or death. And that can differ from person to person. One person could ingest much more of a substance and not develop a problem, or take years to develop injury; another might take what seems like a small substance, have a bad reaction, and die.

Be prudent. Consult a doctor or pharmacist. And obey the laws of your state/province/territory/country.

Well we are Catholics - imagine Jesus standing in front of you and you ask him " Lord is smoking weed wrong?" - what do you think he would say? That is the answer to your question. Doesn’t matter what others say.

Be honest and please answer the question.

What does “basically legal” mean? If it means it’s illegal but the law isn’t enforced, then you shouldn’t be doing it. It is legal here in Washington & while I don’t use it - I don’t drink or smoke tobacco either - I don’t think it’s sinful to use marijuana.

I think the real question to ask here is whether or not you would consider smoking weed if you were in the presence of Our Lord Jesus Himself.

May God bless you and grant you guidance! :slight_smile:

If I have to be honest with myself, I imagine he would treat it like alcohol. Only in moderation, at social occasions, and not so potent that you get high instantly (similar to how doing Everclear shots is a bad idea).

I would smoke weed in the presence of Jesus. After all, God created weed and give it those mind altering qualities. :wink:

Nicotine is a drug, is it not? Is smoking cigarettes, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, a grave offense? Caffeine is also a drug. Is drinking coffee, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, a grave offense? Caffeine, theobromine and theophylline are drugs, would drinking green tea, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, be a grave offense, since tea contains all three? Mormons abstain from drinking tea or coffee and one of the reasons is to abstain from these drugs which they contain.

Opium and coke as well? Natural…

That’s a different Jesus than the one I recieve into my body.

I don’t think so…

I’m curious. If your mind is really made up to think like that, why post? These threads almost always end the same way. The real answers. Then the pro drug agenda moves in.

They use alchohol analogy, and then the “natural” argument.

You will find many theologians and priests who will tell you no.

I’ve yet to find a credible Catholic source that argues for the holy use of drugs.

Sounds like you already are hooked though.

It is not a sin itself to use a substance as a mild relaxant (alcohol, etc.), or mild stimulant (caffeine). We know Christ took a little wine, and was even called a ‘drunkard’ by His detractors. He converted the water into wine at Cana- and a LOT of wine that was. There’s nothing to say the occasional intoxication is bad, since God made it for the enjoyment and relief of man.

It is a sin deliberately to risk one’s health (e.g. ‘hard’ drugs, habitual overindulgence in food, too frequent intoxication, dangerous, extreme sports.)

How to locate the use of a little endo on this scale is a question which only the smoker can answer for themselves.

I’m honestly not trying to be a smart *** here, but that’s what I think he would say. Much like how I wouldn’t want to get drunk around Jesus, but I wouldn’t mind going out for a couple beers :slight_smile: I go to daily Mass, so I assume we’re both receiving the same Jesus.

Why post? Looking for definitive Church teaching on whether the use of marijuana is, in and of itself, sinful. Most of what you’ve posted has been quotes from bishops on public policy regarding legalization, which are merely opinions and can be taken either way. And to say I’m hooked is a very broad statement to make about someone you’ve never met. Honestly, it wasn’t anything special.

I don’t think you are being genuine.

But you’ve been given answers. Do with them what you will.

Oh indeed! You were not in a position to judge that. Every drunk driver is sure he is safe to drive…

And as for it being legal or not?In many lands abortion and same sex marriage are legal but so what?

I have to take eg codeine for pain relief but there is no way i would drive within at least 12 hours of taking it
,If you are on any meds you are not capable of making an accurate assessment of your abiliities

I was taught that this is a very grave sin/mortal sin.

Marijuana reduces your IQ by eight points.

Dulls your reflexes.

Increases workplace accidents.

Police now have devices to test for DUI / DWI on people who have been smoking weed:

Here are some marijuana smoke carcinogens:

pyridine, quinolone, acetaldehyde, acetamide, acrylonitrile, 4-aminobiphenyl, arsenic, benz[a]anthracene, benzene, benzo[a]pyrene, benzofluoranthene, benzo[j]fluoranthene, benzo[k]fluoranthene, benzofuran, 1,3-butadiene, cadmium, carbazole,catechol, chromium (hexavalent compounds), chrysene, dibenz[a,h]anthracenedibenz[a,i]pyrene, dibenzo[a,e]pyrene, diethylnitrosamine, dimethylnitrosamine, formaldehyde, indeno[1,2,3,-c,d]pyrene, isoprene, lead, mercury, 5-methylchrysene, naphthalene, nickel,

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