Is social media vanity?

is posting pictures on facebook of yourself doing something, or vacation pictures, , for example, automatic vanity?

or writing a twitter status on a particular accomplishment. i.e. winning a sports tournament, graduating college, getting a scholarship. EtC…

I think there’s a difference between sharing some family pics or updates with Granny or family & friends across the country, versus posting selfies and breathless commentaries about your most mundane daily activities every half-hour.

No angel.

The use of fb and other such is not vanity in itself.

But it can become vain, if splashing details of your life all over these systems becomes an important part of your life.


^^^This. If you’re using social media primarily to be in contact w/ family and friends, it’s a good thing. But if your sense of self-worth is how many FB friends or Twitter followers or YouTube subscribers you have, then you have a problem. Also, you have a problem if your use of social media consumes all the time you should be using to be doing constructive activities (and yes, I know many companies actually use social media to do recruiting and such, but still - many times, social media is simply a distraction from something else). And the majority of divorce cases now cite Facebook and other social media in the case, so the temptation to lust and greed also permeate social media.

Social media is, in and of itself, morally neutral - just like the Internet as a whole. It can be used for many wholesome and good things, such as staying close to family and spreading the gospel. But temptations run rampant on social media, as well, and so it’s like a double-edged sword. Just be on your guard.


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