Is (soda) pop considered a snack we can't have on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday?

What about a can of beer or a glass of wine too?

Liquid does not count as a snack, but it would seem more appropriate to forego some of the less nutritious drinks, in or outside of Lent.
There is a story that the monks who founded the German city of Munich brewed their beer stronger during Lent, maybe on the idea that they would not be breaking the fast and enjoying it at the same time.:thumbsup:

As I said on another thread:

Re: Eating between meals during Lent
Medically, clear liquids are not considered food, at least as far as anesthesia is concerned. Milk is not a clear liquid, apple juice is.

Thank you all for responding so soon! I feel very fatigued today. That is really why I drink pop–so I feel I can function normally, when I feel tired. I’m a night owl and, unfortunately, almost everybody has to be so busy in the morning. Phones ring and such. Sometimes the effect of caffeine lasts and sometimes I feel nothing happened.

BTW Orange juice is not clear, but I think it’s allowed–I hope.

“Clear” is not really the criterion.
“Ordinary” liquids are permitted, that is, liquids that are normally considered beverages, not foods. Coffee, milk, tea, juice, is OK.
A milkshake might be a little less certain- is it really considered a beverage or is it more like a food?

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