Is Some Clothing Dangerous to Wear?


Take traditional Japanese garb for example. Japan has strong roots in Buddhism and Shintoism, so would it be dangerous to wear clothing that might have ties with false religions?




No. Christians all over the world wear traditional clothing all the time…and are still christians.


Clothes are just that - clothes - and nothing else.


^^ Yes. There are much more important things to worry about.


It’s dangerous to wear New York Giants garb to a Philadelphia Eagles game. Highly dangerous!

But otherwise no.


Or a swimsuit in a snowstorm.

You can die from hypothermia.


Mother Theresa and her order wore saris edged in blue. Is this problematic considering saris come from a Hindu culture?


It’s traditional garb. There are many Indians at my church and saris are worn all the time. These are beautiful garments and the women who wear them are wonderful Christians.


No, what is dangerous is wearing 49ers garb to a Raiders game, especially if the Raiders lose.


Wearing Ravens garb to a bar where the majority are wearing Steelers garb.


Do people routinely get killed in such situations?


It was a joke.

There have been drunken brawls which have resulted in injuries.


Sometimes multiple 49ers fans have died at Raiders games.


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