Is someone who's been away from the Church allowed to get married in church?

I’ve been away from the Church since 2005. I was wondering what the Church’s position is regarding getting married in Church? My future bride is an unbaptised non-Christian.

I haven’t been to the sacraments since 2005 although I have been to Mass from time to time (didn’t receive communion). I left because when I knelt to pray in Church I didn’t believe what I was saying any more so felt like a fraud. I came back from time to time because I missed the Mass (the old Mass).

All baptized Catholics have the right to receive the sacrament of marriage (canon 213) unless an impediment is present (canon 1066). However, your priest may challenge you as to why you wish to receive the sacrament of marriage. If you truly have moved away from the teachings of the Church then why bother seeking a Catholic wedding? I think you have a stirring in your soul to live a life a faith but for whatever reason are facing challenges that need to be addressed. I encourage you to talk with a local priest that you trust.

God bless.

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