Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?


Yes. The science stimulates young people to pursue the associated fields of math and technology. We benefited greatly from the space race of the sixties. If the US abrogates pursuing space others will to out detriment.


what about your own mess, plastic is ubiquitous.


Sure. but the question was the cost to go beyond…


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The US contributes practically 0 ocean pollution.


We aren’t designed to fly either. Yet we do.


Have you got the peer reviewed paper that table is out of.

in it , you are in the top 20 countries with mismanaged plastic waste 8 or 9 years ago. 192 countries were considered.

So its important to put it in the context of its peer reviewed paper. Its meaningless otherwise and simply says you are in the top 20 out of 192 countries, almost a decade ago.


Put it in the context of population and economy size and I’d say we’re doing just fine.


I hope you are not basing your assumption on that table.


Anything space related should be kept to the big screen.


The benefits to society from space expoorarion are enormous. Just the medical benefits are worth the cost, and everything else is icing on the cake. Cell phones, GPS, telecommunications, water purification, food preservation — the list of things we enjoy that currently depend on space exploration or grew out of it is endless. And yes, the government should be involved. We’ve seen to our chagrin what happens when we turn entire segments of society over to the private sector.


Frankly it drives me up a wall when people complain about scientific research spending. First of all, we get a lot more out of “random” research than most realize.

But second, in the grand scheme of things the government spends basically nothing on scientific research: $4.4 trillion versus less than $25 billion for NASA and the NSF combined. Sure, that’s still a lot of money, but it’s like saying “oh man I can’t pay my mortgage this month. I guess I won’t buy Oreos anymore”


Coastel ports not withstanding eh?


The more knowledge we have about Creation, that is, the universe, the more we can appreciate its Creator, God.

St. Robert Bellarmine wrote a little book called “The Mind’s Ascent to God by a Ladder of Created Things.” The second step in the ladder, after the consideration of man (created in His image) is consideration of the vast universe. He discusses how even at his time they were just beginning to learn about and explore the vastness of the Heavens, which were beginning to seem immeasurable. He asks if the the universe is so great and wonderful, how much greater still is its Creator?

Exploring the universe helps us to comprehend–even if just a little bit–the incomprehensible greatness and omnipotence of God.


A recoginition of reality! Common sense is not as common as it once was. Thank you for posting it.


Most Americans are pretty annoyed with the rest of the world thinking it’s our job to pony up the money to solve everything. When the other 19 countries agree to pay their fair share maybe it’ll get talked about. But of course, what you really mean is the US doing it singlehandedly.

Of course, if anything goes wrong with it that would also be all America’s fault. Some countries are in a nice place. They get to sit back and say “why doesn’t America do something?” Followed by “No no no don’t do THAT


Because it is our ocean too, and we lose as much as anyone.

But I will add that the US spends more on pet food than the entire NASA budget. So we really aren’t spending much on space.

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