Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?


Nice job with the acronym. I study fringe subjects. There are varying degrees of fringe. So, from one to 10, I would call this an 11. Nothing personal. I’ve got decades of researching fringe material behind me.


A few acronyms I borrowed, the others were just me having a good time with it.

As for the second part, I take nothing personal at all. However, I wasn’t quite sure what you meant in conclusion. Are you saying you disagree (I took it that is what you are saying)?

There are several things to consider (sound in vacuum, objects freely moving, and the obviously injured image of N.A.S.A. itself and its ‘debunk’ videos which only ascerbates the glaring anomalies, etc, for instance:)

You may have considered all these already, and if so, please do not take offense, for they may be of use to another.


We’re looking to fight yesterday’s wars with big guns, big ships, submarines, and really complicated fighters. The reality is the future is in asymmetric war using cyber warfare. You don’t have to look much past the tampering in our 2016 elections by the Russians.


Yeah. Because that actually happened :roll_eyes:


I think you’re into tinfoil hat territory here.

Also I would say that there’s nothing in scripture that says we can’t travel in space.


The problem with calling NASA fake is this: I can take my telescope in the backyard and verify plenty of NASA’s claims about the solar system. You me or anyone else can go see the ISS and/or several other man-made space objects on any give night.

BUT THEN you expect me not to believe the portion of their claims that I can’t directly verify. That just seems suspicious.


I think space exploration is worth the cost. I’ve already started working on it. :sunglasses:



Yes, I have. Thank you for being so courteous. The flag pole placed on the moon had a thick wire attachment that swung up and out 90 degrees to allow the flag to appear to hold up as it did. I saw the live feed of the landing as it happened.
I learned from special effects experts and prop people brought in to study the Alien Autopsy film. Their comments regarding it being real or fake, resulted in one conclusion: it could be faked and a few procedures done by the doctors were considered not consistent with dealing with an unknown, presumably real, alien life form.


If anyone wants to use scripture … they MUST use the Hebrew and Greek texts.


You are right, but I wish it was not so expensive!


What do you think of Psalms 115:16?

Only satan (after taking the dominion away from Adam) was allowed to travel between earth and Heaven (see Job 1 & 2, 1 Kings 22:19-22; 2 Chronicles 18:18-22) until the Cross, see Revelation 12:10,12). After the Cross, satan is trapped down here (earth), in the pit, 1 Peter 5:8.

As for the first material, I once believed as you, without any thought to question. It was only once I was to consider in detail the evidences. I am not here to convince you, or any. I have given a very brief window into the information available.

Even if I had none of the information presented in the video/source material, I have the scripture, and I believe what it says about the matter.

The easiest way to dismiss something is to belittle it, but that is no evidence against what was shared from scripture, neither in the video/source material.

The subject of the OP is the cost effectiveness of ‘space exploration’, and not necessarily ‘did man set foot on the moon’ (he didn’t), but was included as evidence towards answering the OP’s question. If material presented is accurate, then there is a serious issue in regards ‘cost’. This was the primary intention of sharing the data. If you desire to look at the material, it may be best to do so in another place.


Where do you get such an idea from, if I may ask?

See Matthew 28:19; Acts 2:6,8; 1 Corinthians 12-14, Revelation 14:6. How is the Gospel, and what Jesus said, taught and did to go to all languages, if it is bound in dead (little to no use) languages? What was the use of the gift of languages to preach, teach and share the word unto them, if all had (must) to learn Hebrew and Koine Greek?

The Catholic church, even uses as its primary text, “latin” (either Jerome’s so-called ‘vulgate’) or the Douay Rheims (Jesuit). Admittedly, Jeromes’ is a personal work, which combines some of Origen’s Hexapla, even as Helvidius pointed out, with some of the vetus latina (original Latin “vulgate”).


What I personally see in this, is a counterfeit to the Throne of God, the Son as Advocate, the 4 living Creatures surrounding the throne, and the host of heavenly warriors all gathered before the tribunal of the Imperial Order (a counterfeit of God, Son (Staff), Holy Ghost (as the non-humanoid Robot) Hosts and Legions of Light), while the “resistance” is in “rebellion” and counted as the good guys (aka, Satan and his Legions of Lie-ght).


Yeah…our own security services believe this is true. I don’t understand the Republican resistance to this. No one is looking to invalidate the 2016 election results based on this, so why such resistance? A few decades ago, during the Cold War, the Republicans especially would have been all over this. Does it not bother you that a foreign power, who is not working for our national interests, likely has been messing with our democracy? Even Facebook, whose service is widely believed to be misappropriated for election tampering, is beginning to take this seriously.


I see my monday morning staff meeting!


Are you ok? …Seriously.


The question is moot, because space exploration is never going to happen. Man is physically and psychologically incapable of surviving space travel. (No, being in orbit at an altitude of less than 5% of the earth’s diameter does not count as space travel.)

What is happening, and what will continue to happen, is the pretense of space exploration, whatever the cost. The motivation is not economical, so to wonder whether it is “worth it” is pointless.


Whatever we do or not do in other counties is not really relevant here. We spy on foreign countries, we intercept their communications, etc. That is generally illegal in this county without a court warrant. Should we change that here?

As for the voter ID laws, why such the recent interest? There are near zero instances, certainly ones that decide elections. Forget any racial inequity, by adding another layer towards voting can disenfranchise voters who have limited ability to obtain the required ID, the home bound are a great example. If there was a concerted effort to support these folks (e.g. transporting them to the required locations) the we might have something, but we don’t. Going back to the racial issue, true or perceived, there has been a long history of suppression of the black vote, the poll tax and literacy laws are just a few examples. Back in the day it sound just as appropriate to require voters to be able to read so as to understand the issue. But this was disenfranchising for the mere fact that few black people could read or write.


Oh yes. I see with different eyes. Eyes quickened. Lucas borrowed a lot from scripture and co-mingled it, with his eastern mysticism.


I agree. One issue is the “Van Allen’s” (radiation) which still give them issues that they do not know how to work around, and are still trying to figure out how to lift lead shielding. Some even still think mev electrons from Operation Starfish Prime might still be a contributing factor also, and that is just one -

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