Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?


Thanks for asking seriously, are you are real Colonel like Sanders?


loool. I might watch that again. thanks for the suggestion.


To get this thread back on track as to whether or not its cost effective to pursue a space program, I say full hearty YES. Now to take this thread back off track by giving my reason why. I’m tired of hearing this excuse that we don’t have the money to pursue certain things in our society. We need to stop thinking this way. Our infra-structure in many places is in dire need of repair. Our schools sometimes don’t have the equipment they need to accommodate their teachers and students. There are still people who want insurance but cannot afford it. Outside our country, there are thousands of people who don’t have proper housing, food or drinking water. I hear the conservatives saying “we have to get the country’s budget under control”. We have such smart people in our country but yet we have money as an excuse for the impasse. Let start solving the above problems and stop worrying how we are going to pay for it. Almost every country is facing this problem about money. Where is all the money disappearing to? And please, don’t tell me the rich are hoarding it all. If that’s the case then I wholly support Former President Obamas move to create more money. Now back to the space program. There is so much potential in developing our space program. Think of the resources that are in our solar system. Jobs, jobs, jobs will be created by the tens of thousands. And as a finally note, I highly agree with one of the other posters. Lets clean up our oceans on Earth (one way is by getting our resources from asteroids vs drilling and mining for them (yes, I know there is no oil in those rocks in space but there are other resources)).


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