Is sport competition a sin?'


I’ve read in this board that smoking and drinking moderately is not sin, but the neurosis about the veneration of human body is. So since nowadays sport competition demands lots of training, “perfect” health, etc, I would like to know if “pĺay” the game of competition is anti-Catholic.:confused:

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for posting again, but I really need a help on this subject:o


I see no problem with it unless one is doing things like steroids to advance their abilities. Training and being healthy is a good thing.




Your body can become a false God if you worship it like body builders etc. But it’s great to keep in shape and play sport. There is no sin in exercise itself and most sports are ok so long as the sport does not become your religion. You just need discipline so that your whole life does not revolve around sport like so many people . Good sportsmanship and fair play, learning to work as a team, being a good loser and gracious winner are all admirable qualities in a sportsman. Sport in itself is good. God bless.:thumbsup:


You have to play with the spirit of God in your heart and make no idol of anything. :slight_smile:


As long as you play fairly, take care of your body, and still find a balance between family, sports, school, and church I do not see how this would be a sin.


Are you kidding me? Are you… kidding me?

Why would you need to ask if participating in sports is a sin? Serious?



The national seminaries in Rome all have soccer teams that compete against each other in league games, fighting for the Clericus Cup. Sounds like sports competition to me…and with seminarians and priests as players, coaches and refs…and in the Eternal City.


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