Is St Uriel recognised by Catholics, or not?


The Church disapproves of St Uriel being venerated yet in a recently built church he is in the window above the altar? How do we as Catholics explain this?


Can you go into more detail? Where is this window?


Maybe because the church still does not officially reconginze Uriel as either an archangel or a saint.


Because I’d like to look this up and see if there’s any more context necessary…? Is that alright with you?


It is in St Michael and all Angels in Havant, England
Church re-built about 5 or 10 years ago from scratch with new windows

I do wonder why you think that can be significant?


I’m sorry for offending you by asking for background information.

Hopefully someone else can help you, since my curiosity is apparently too much for you.


Not at all offended; just curious about why the location matters. I’ve told you the location as you asked and am surprised that you now want to take the ball away


This appears to be their address and phone number:

Address: 437 Dunsbury Way, Havant PO9 5BD, UK
Phone: +44 23 9248 4323

You’d probably have better luck getting answers by contacting them instead of a bunch of folks on the internet who have never heard of the place…


I think @Maximilian75 was asking the necessary questions. You just joined the site, immediately asked us to explain why one random parish’s action can seemingly conflict with Church discipline, then get combative when people ask for more details about the parish. Seems like the wrong way to start if you’re genuinely looking for input.

Why wouldn’t we want more details about that parish? At first blush, I’d guess the context around that parish might hold the answer you’re seeking.


Caritate non ficta

I joined the site specifically to see if anyone could help with my specific question; I apologise if you feel I was being combative - I was not -

I simply wanted to know why the location matters, and the name of the church does not help explain it as the Church says there are only three angels

Might I say that to accuse someone of being combative, when one is simply inquisitive, is unhelpful, and judgemental.


I read something on ETWN that kind of said that statues and such of Uriel are popping up just because of how popular angels are with the population. This is the first time I’ve heard of Uriel being depicted in a church.


You’ve seen the window or read about it somewhere?


I saw it last month in this very beautiful church, and was drawn to Jesus by the art. One of four Angels with Michael, Raphael and Gabriel


There is, I understand, another Uriel window from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church in Chicago, USA


Huh, well, I dunno, that’s a good question…


Eastern Rite Catholics name and seek their intercession from seven Archangels – Barachiel, Gabriel, Jehudiel, Michael, Raphael, Selathiel, and Uriel which matches the custom of the eastern Orthodox churches


I’m curious to know the answer, too.There was a novel that referenced St. Uriel in the first printing but second and subsequent printings were edited and the archangel Uriel was edited out as was some awkward wording. I loved how the angel was used and how he announced himself: “God protects is here.”


Just an example of why people asked for additional context: if the parish in question was Eastern Catholic, then you’d have your answer. Some Eastern Catholic Churches venerate Uriel, even though the Latin rite doesn’t. I could imagine other ways it might have lead to the answer, too.

Also, I did a quick search of this site for St. Uriel and found about 10 threads discussing essentially your thread title question. I don’t have time to dig through them all (I skimmed a few), but you could find a lot of info there.

Edit: Why isn’t Uriel an archangel? has some good discussion, including numerous posts from a priest who frequents this site (@FrDavid96).


I don’t know. I just listened to Ask Your Father yesterday on Relevant Radio, and Msgr Stuart Swetland said that we should not be praying to the other archangels besides Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael, because their names are not officially recognized in the Catholic Church. I can’t speak to any Eastern Catholic or Orthodox Churches, but the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t recognize the names of the other archangels as inspired or proper for devotion.

If you’re going to ask a question like this, you should be prepared to give some context.


Yes. I’m Eastern Catholic. :slight_smile:
Since this was not in Eastern Catholicism, I assumed this was from the Latin perspective.

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