Is strong hatred a mortal sin?

I have known lots of people with disabilities. My sister ran a workshop for the disabled in which I was involved for years… it has been my experience that in the job world or the public world those with disabilities are mostly treated as any others.

I also work in a field that physically disabled people tend to go into as a profession and even those with mental disabilities.

Now in their family life I find it is not so true.

My experience tells me that outside of family most people those with disabilities have meet treat them fairly.

That being said “hate” in most forms isnt a sin. I hate my boss, he treats any other lower in the chain of command as if they are his staff and is rude to all of us. Even if you are correct you are not to question him. He is very hard to get along with, my we all manage. But I dont think my hatred of him is a sin.

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