Is Sunday still a day when we truly remember the third commandment?


Back in the day when I was a kid, Sunday was very different than it is today. Back then, Sunday was a day for God, rest and family and most everyone followed or at least tried to follow the third commandment, “Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.” Nobody could shop on Sunday as far as I can remember because nothing was open. I don’t even remember if grocery stores were open on Sunday because if they were, we certainly didn’t go into town to shop. I think movie theaters were open and one could go out to eat, but my family never did. It was a day to be home after Mass, so we didn’t go out. If we did, it would be to visit family. Either way, some family gathering happened on Sunday, not some outing or event as is so common today.

Now anyone can do just about anything at any time. I had to run up to the store this morning because hubby ran out of deodorant. I went and got him more, but I first debated and felt guilty about it. :blush: I know we as a society will never go back to the old way, but I felt like by buying something, I helped put those people in the store to check me out, stock shelves, whatever, instead of allowing them to maybe be in church or home with their families and I wondered if it is sinful for me to have done so. I try to avoid shopping on Sunday and I almost never do because it feels wrong, but I am curious to know others’ thoughts on this. Do others feel bad about eating out, seeing movies, shopping on Sunday, maybe going to a sporting event?



I work Sundays, I have to I don’t have much of a choice right now (you rarely do in the food industry)…however I always make sure that I don’t work until at least 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Not all employers are Catholic and the most an employee can ask for is the morning off for Mass (if they deny you that than you can claim religious persecution or somethin, at least thats what I would say), sometimes you have to work because you need the money.

Some people have to work Sundays because their job just can’t stop…policemen, firefighters, farmers and self-employed.


And if you work for the Church you never get a Sunday off unles you are on vacation.


I feel guilty doing any type of labor work at home on Sundays. I used to do all my weekly chores on Saturday, but now that I have my little one, it’s hard doing everything in one day. So I end up having to do some laundry and some cleaning on Sundays. Better than having a dirty house, I suppose! Besides, back in the old days when the rest of us were “honoring the Sabbath,” my poor mother was laboring in the kitchen to make and clean up after the sunday meal. So in some ways even back then it couldn’t be avoided.

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