Is swearing blasphemy

hello i do not know if i am in the right fourm but i want to know if swearing is blasphemy

“corrupt words” (Eph. 4:29),
“filthy language” (Col. 3:8, NIV),
and “cursing” (James 3:10).
Psa. 10:7,
Rom. 3:13-15

“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.”

Since one is likely cursing a person made in God’s image or taking God’s name in vain, in those cases Yes.

This examination of conscience, written by Fr. Altier, a spiritual director will be helpful.

The mortal sin concerning swearing is on page 2.

The venial sin concerning swearing is on page 5.

I normal swear from old ingrained habit when my pride feels trampeled upon. (Which involves another rather sinful behavior against the virtue of humility :wink:

Swearing isn’t blasphemy, but it’s a nasty habit to avoid. Is it “sinful”? Ask your confessor. Sometimes people cheapen the word “sin” by applying it to anything they don’t personally like. Having said that, I think it CAN be sinful.

Yes, I curse as well. I’m not perfect. It’s still not a good habit though, and I never curse in front of women or children.

Hi ave,

I’m assuming you’re asking because of your boyfriend (I read your other thread too). I’d have to agree with Rascalking on this. It CAN be sinful but I think what’s more important is the intent behind a word more than the word itself.

I swear. Admittedly way more than I should. But there’s a huge difference between saying “ahh dammit” out of frustration when I realize I forgot my wallet or phone at home and screaming at someone in anger and letting a slew of obscenities fly out without any regard to who I may be offending.

I like to believe that the first example is not a sin. It may not be ideal but I wouldn’t consider it a sin and certainly not blasphemous.

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