Is texting too much bad?


Yeah, I know there are the potential health problems (finger cramps?) and of course the spelling issue. But I’m talking more on the psychological, social, maybe even moral level. Would texting a lot have an adverse effect on how we relate to one another? I mostly ask because I have a younger sister whose only in 5th grade who got a phone and I constantly see her with her phone by her side all the time. Its like one of the only things she does for entertainemnt is to wait around for a text. I’m getting a bit a scared because I know over-facebooking and stuff like that is bad for a person. But what about texting? Is over-texting bad?


Txt’ing or computer use in and of itself isn’t bad
How it affects your relationships and your life is where you may see consequences.

It’s like any addiction, of sorts… if it causes you to ignore others or leads you to sin or takes you away from priorities (like family, homework, etc) then it’s something you should avoid…
But it could also be used for good… emergency communications, evangelization, keeping in better contact with friends and family, etc, etc… these aren’t *bad *things at all.

If you’re concerned maybe you should bring it up with your parents - about setting limits and rules around the use of the phone.


Well, no 5th grader needs a cell phone. Not many 5th graders I know have cell phones. So who is she texting? Older kids? Not so good at that age.

People have forgotten how to have real relationships…it is all texting, IMing, social networking sites, etc. My son asked his GF to prom last spring by placing items on her front yard. She accepted by texting. He responded to her text. It was nearly a full WEEK before they actually spoke a word to each other…it was all texting or Facebooking for a week. Ridiculous!


Wow! That prom story is a bit strange. I agree with you completely! Thank you for saying that!

Look, I text my friends, but I use proper English when I do. However, there is still something said for the written word and spoken language!

Texting for anyone under 16 might stump their verbal development.


yes, yes, ridiculous…what is going on ? why do parents allow this?..I have a 5th grader and no he doesn’t text, he doesn’t IM or facebook…He plays with his friend on the block and they play outside, they still pretend and play ball and i think it’s great:)


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