Is Thanksgiving a Christian holiday?


Due to its history, would you consider the American holiday of Thanksgiving a Christian holiday? Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the holiday as, “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.” The holiday traces its roots to English separatist Protestants in 1621 Plymouth, MA. Many Americans consider Thanksgiving as the start of the Christmas season. Thoughts?


it’s the best we catholics can do; the militant atheists haven’t attacked thanksgiving so far

maybe they like roasted turkey as much as the rest of us do

give them time; they will launch their assault shortly…


Enjoy - it is worth watching.


The US Thanksgiving Day is a civic or public holiday. It is not, strictly speaking, a Catholic Christian holy day. It is good to pray for our country.

President Lincoln’s 1863 proclamation:


I think it’s nice to give thanks to God on any day and pray for the USA on any day, and I do.
The Puritans were Christian so I reckon that makes it a “Christian holiday” of sorts, however no one seems to be complaining about that (yet) so I can’t say I think much about it.


The 1619 arrival of 38 men on the Margaret at Berkeley Hundred (Berkeley Plantation - 24 miles southwest of Richmond Virginia) was the moment of the earlier religious Thanksgiving (December 4). Captain John Woodlief, Anglican missionary George Thorpe, were among the group. Psalms 107:1-2 was recited.


It appears the first shots have been fired…

Because we can’t call it Thanksgiving even though it IS, essentially, Thanksgiving. I have celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, strangers, even people who are from countries that don’t celebrate it. We have celebrated it on the actual day, a few days later, a few months earlier; with a full turkey dinner, with burgers on the grill, or even pizza. The concept is the same–a day and celebration to give thanks, to express gratitude.

I have no idea what “Friendsgiving” is supposed to celebrate except… Thanksgiving.

Seems redundant.




The USCCB has seen fit to come up with Lectionary readings for the day. Mass at my parish is always well attended on Thanksgiving. People bring their bread and wine (and sparkling cider) to Mass for a blessing.

That’s enough for me to think of it as a Christian holiday.

In some ways Thanksgiving seems like some of the Jewish religious feasts which are celebrated mainly in the home.


The question to ask is who are we giving the thanks to? We know that we give thanks to God, but this society today frowns on that for the most part.

Same thing with Christmas. Look at all the TV shows about Christmas. It’s not about Jesus anymore, it’s about gathering with friends and being together and giving gifts. How nice.


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