Is that God's will?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am discerning my vocation. I had been an aspirant of a cloistered convent with Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters in the Philippines. After a year, I found out that I do not have their vocation, so I went out. It’s also because I came from a North Asian country, hence I can’t adapt myself to the hot climate in the Philippines. I got very sick there, and am still taking medicine after I went back to my own country.

Now I fell in love with Franciscan of the Immaculate. And due to immigration problem, I can only have formation in the Philippines again.

My question is, dose it men that God is not calling me at all? Is that really speaking in this way that I am not called to a specific order via climate difficulties?

Is it absolutely necessary that you go to the Philippines? If the tropical climate is detrimental to your health, can you not consider applying to an order in the US, Canada, or Europe, where the climate might be somewhat more agreeable to you?

For me, US is impossible. May be for other continents may work out, like Australia or Eurpe. Thanks.

From that information, would it be safe to say your country has a population close to 1.5 Billion?

If that is the case, I can see why your options would be limited. What about Russia or Ukraine?

Dear Lamentation,

I have little knowledge of Russia or Ukraine. I know there are some Eastern Rite Catholic Churches there, but I don’t know their language. I think in those countries they are mostly orthodox Catholics right?

For the most part, yes.

That being said, there are Latin Rite Catholics in those countries, if you know where to look…

Hmm… What about India?

Dear Lamentation,

India is even hotter. :shrug:

Write to the superioress or novice mistress in the Philippines. Be very honest about the illness that you acquired during your last stay in the Philippines and if you physician has recommended that you stay out of torrid climates. Be also honest about your immigration and visa problems. Then ask her what she thinks and what counsels she would give you.

Bring this same issue before your spiritual director and ask his counsels. And bring it before the Blessed Sacrament.

Here’s an Our Father for your intention. God bless.

Well you never exactly explained how far north you are in your country… :smiley:

Obviously you know English. I would imagine that Russian is not a commonly taught language in your country, so that rules out anything to the North.

The South is too hot (I also cannot stand heat very well, so I know what you speak of).

There’s nothing West.

East has language barriers as well.

Your country isn’t entirely impossible, is it?

Yes, but in my country the formation is very poor, and besides the problem of Vantican II, political issue is the main problem in our country.

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