Is the 2014 FIFA World cup in Brazil moral?


The Brazilian government spent billions on the upcoming world cup, leading many people to think that this tournament will be immoral(not football itself but the lavish tournament). The Catholic Church in Brazil condemned the tournament as immoral on the basis that all those billions should of gone to health, education,…

I, as a Catholic and a football fan think that this tournament is too lavish, but on the other hand the more Brazil invests in the world cup, the more money will they get from it. So in the end there might be more money for issues such as health or education.

What do you think? Is the upcoming world cup in Brazil immoral? Should Catholics abstain from watching it?


It’s hard for me to judge because I don’t live in Brazil - so I trust the Bishops know what they are talking about.

My son lived in Brazil for 18 months - he said they love their football. I think asking Catholics to abstain from watching the world cup is asking too much.


I don’t think it is immoral because it is in Brazil. But rather because it is soccer. Billions to watch a 0-0 tie and fake injuries? Please!

Go! any team but the USA!


No but THIS is…


I have always been a football fan but I can see where the church is coming from, far to much money is thrown into football it’s disgraceful the money football players get paid for what? Kicking a ball! This sport has been ruined a bit because it is all about money now and not the fun factor.


People will always argue about things being unfair or not being done right. I understand that the bishops in Brazil are complaining about things in Brazil and how they were being managed, but i don’t think that we should boycotted.


Its capitalism. Footballers are paid so much because they are being watched by millions of fans. Its not football’s fault. But i agree footballers are being paid too much.


It’s a toss-up, because you are weighing the potential of the money spent against what having this will do for the World Cup / Olympics (since, I assume, some venues will serve dual purposes). Aside from the revenues received, the government spending will boost consumption in the economy, jobs will be created for the construction and organizing of the events, and the added tax revenues earned from increased tourism profits will all help the economy.

Now, does any country ever come out break-even after hosing the Olympics? We learned from Sochi that no, that never really is the case. But, will the effect of the additional consumption boost the Brazilian economy in a way that enables a long-term solution to the poverty issue?


Amen. :thumbsup:


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