Is the 7th Day Adventist Religion really Anti-Catholic?

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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of 7th Day Adventist on T.V. - preaching and what not, but I’ve not heard them being Anti-Catholic, but I’ve heard that Anti-Catholisim is actually built into the foundation of their religion. Is that even true?

Well historically and even today, and majority Seventh-day Adventists seem to believe that the Papacy is the anti-Christ, and they have been perhaps the ones who spread the ‘Vicarus Filii Dei’ myth most. That is a fake title they give to the Pope which adds up to 666 when their Latin values are added up (I.E. C would be three, since it is the third letter). While they seem to have tried to tiddy things up today, in they past they have been vehemently, perhaps to the point of being called extreme, anti-Catholics and even anti-Protestant. You might find this helpful:

This would be news to me! Unless they didn’t know what we are doing, my young adult group has a yearly Catholic retreat in Advent at a Seventh-Day Adventist retreat camp. They respect us and we respect them. I’ve gone twice and never had a problem with any Adventists there. :slight_smile:

You might want to read this:

Like I said, I personally never had any problems with them. :slight_smile:

While many take issue with the papacy and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in general, the ones I know still like Catholics as people, often admire their charity work, and view them as Christians, albeit ones with very different theological views from their own.

I will begin by saying that I am NOT as knowledgable on this subject as I would like to be however can and will say that my wife’s side of the family is predominately SDA and being that I am the lone Catholic at family reunions I was the voice of reason. SDA follows tend to blame Catholics for moving the Sabath Day from Saturday to Sunday and they have an issue with the Papcy. A part from these issues, the SDA’s I meet were friendly…even attended one of their Sabath services this past July while on a Family vacation in Michigan.

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