Is the "Anglican-rite liturgy" anything like the communion service in the "Book of Common Prayer"?

I’ve been following the thread Why does Anglican-rite liturgy attract so many Catholics? and was wondering about this.
I was an Anglican for the first 38 years of my life. I loved the language in the Book of Common Prayer. What is the Anglican-rite liturgy like? Is it at all similar to the old Anglican service?

Book of Divine Worship:

There is much of the BCP 1928, i.e. Prayer of Humble Access, General Confession, The Thanksgiving and other parts. The problem lies in the fact that Rome brought in some of the BCP 1979, mostly a response or two and some from the OF. They also use the Gregorian Canon.

Once the Ordinariates are established a new liturgy will be implemented and hopefully the Anglican Use priests and some of the incoming Anglicans will have more input.

The same hymns are sung and traditions are kept. You can watch a video of the Anglican Use Mass at Our Lady of the Atonement, San Antonio, TX website.

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