Is the Ascension observed today or Sunday in America?

Sorry if this isn’t in the right category. Do we celebrate the Ascension today or on Sunday? I am not sure if I should observe a day of rest today or not.

it really depends on the diocese


like previous poster said, depends on the diocese. some get to celebrate both. yay dispensations!

The ecclesiastical provinces of Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Omaha, and Philadelphia celebrate Ascension today.

See here for list of dioceses in each ecclesiastical province:

All others in the US celebrate it this coming Sunday.


Byzantine Catholic Church has Ascension on Thursday - the Holy Day of Obligation - (starts with Vespers on Wednesday evening) and continues for nine days.


Not in NJ this year.

Sunday where we are in South Louisiana.

I got to be honest… I fail to understand why the other bishops in New Jersey followed the Archbishop of Newark in this? If he wasn’t a Cardinal, I wonder if they would have still followed him? :thinking:

This was a provincial decision. All dioceses in New Jersey are part of the Province of Newark. Presumably all of the bishops In that province consulted with each other.

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Maybe. But from what I had read, I was lead to believe it was the Archbishop of Newark who decided to do this for Newark, then the others later followed his lead.

But perhaps the article was mistaken / misleading?

Is the Ascension observed today or Sunday in America?

In the Canadian part of America, it is celebrated on Sunday except in some religious communities like the local Benedictines, where it is celebrated today.

It’s been that way in Newark since at least 2006, so it predates Cardinal Tobin.


What you posted shows that New Jersey celebrated the Ascension on Thursday.

That list is a list of Provinces, not Archdioceses (though they mistakenly wrote Nebraska instead of Omaha).

The Province of Newark includes all of the dioceses in New Jersey, just like the Province of Philadelphia is all dioceses in Pennsylvania, the Province of New York is all dioceses in New York State, and the Province of Omaha is all dioceses in Nebraska.

As FYI - The Province of Hartford includes all dioceses in Connecticut & Rhode Island, plus Fishers Island, NY.

While the Province of Boston includes the rest of New England.

So this does not go back to 2006.

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Oops…I missed the part that Newark switched to Sunday this year. Mea culpa.

Plus we have the Sunday of the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council of Nicea this Sunday. And it’s post-Feast anyway so we’re celebrating!


I’ve moved it to liturgy and sacraments.

that’s one odd map by someone who doesn’t understand them. Nevada has two dioceses, not one, but both are in the same color–as are Utah and part of Northern California!

That’s because it’s a map of the Ecclesiastical Provinces. Each Province is in one color. Nevada, Utah and Northern California are all part of the Province of San Francisco.


I knew Nevada was part of the San Francisco Archdiocese, but I’ve never encountered provinces before!

It’s quite possible that he initiated it but the indult of the US Bishops’ Conference allows the bishops of each ecclesiastical province to determine whether to transfer the Ascension to the Seventh Sunday of Easter subject to a two-thirds majority vote of the bishops in the province. The Province of Newark (that is the Archdiocese and the other dioceses) was one which voted to keep it on Thursday. So, to move it (even if only for this year) would presumably likewise require the same number to be in agreement which would obviously require consultation!

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Nevada is not part of the San Francisco Archdiocese, only the San Francisco province.

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