Is "The Beast" (Antichrist) the "False Messiah"?

Odd question , but do we expect the Beast from Revelation, the
commonly called Antichrist with a Capital “A” , to be the “False
Messiah,” like he’s going to proclaim to be THE Messiah (when
he’s not of course), &/or certain people are going to identify him
as Messiah, or is the Beast, Antichrist, simply a different super
villain all together?

I may be wrong, but I think that “the beast” is the political and financial system.

Haha! Good one.

In answer to the OP: yes, you are somewhat on the right track. The Antichrist will attempt to fool the world into thinking he is some kind of God, or he is sent by God, and he will work false miracles with help from the spiritual forces of evil. He will work false wonders to try and prove himself.

The Antichrist will be a normal man who has given himself wholly to Satan (also called perfect possession, in which a person is knowingly and intentionally choosing perfect evil…

The following CA article gives other possibilities as to who or what the Antichrist will be.

According to it, the Antichrist might be not a single person, but rather a group of people (Freemasons? Radical Muslims? Communists?), or an exceptionally evil time, rather than a literal person.

That’s very interesting, and yes, true.

The Church does not yet know entirely who or what the Antichrist will be, but only knows some general details concerning him and that period of time.

I wonder if the false wonders will be done using modern technology.

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