Is the bible a book of rules?

Is the bible a book of rules,. Yes or no?

It was a homily message last weekend. What do you think?

Yes AND No…

The Bible contains many rules in the OT covenant…In the NT covenant not so many…
more importantly though, the Bible is a guidebook (not a rule book) trying to point us to the one essential rule…Love…


I don’t think anyone who has read the Bible would say that it’s a book of rules. If I had to say the Bible is any one thing (which is hard to do since it’s a collection of many different things), I’d say it’s the story of God’s relationship with His people.

The bible is not a book. It is a collection of books. 73 books to be exact. Some of them are books containing rules. Some are literature. Some are poetry. Some are letters. Some are histories.

So, one may not speak of “the bible” as if it is one book, or one thing.

God does indeed give us “rules” that we are to obey. Those are communicated through Divine Revelation-- which is composed of both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

The answer my friends according to the Priest was, No.

BrianWalden wins!

That is right…it is not…it is a story of salvation…and the love of God.

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