Is the Bible misogynistic?

Yes, and she was exalted above every living being — whether it’s Earthly being or Spirit — by being crowned by God as the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Because even the angels, who by nature are greater than humans, hail Mary as their Queen.
Only in Heaven we will know the joy that she brought to all saints and angels, they longed so much for the coming of her whose heel crushes the head of the serpent.

The accusations of “Church hating women” and Her misogyny (yes, Catholic Church is a “her” — the Bride of Christ) only strengthen my belief that they arise from the backstage plotting of Satan. He can’t stand that he’s been crushed by her foot.

How high was She elevated for her obedience and how low he fell by his rebellion.

Many would argue that we do.

To answer the OP: without a strong background in Scripture, there are times that the best answer is to say “Oooohhh” and not get sucked in further; then do some research.

Most often thopse saying it hve an issue beneath the question, often one that they presume is “far better and wiser”, and that coupled with a hit-or-miss approach to the Bible, or no approach at all (as in, “Don’t confuse me with facts; I already have my mind made up”). And that makes for a perfect time to not get sucked into their prejudices.

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