Is the bible part of Christ's body?


Is the bible part of Christs body? When Jesus promises that the Gates of hell shall never prevail agianst his Church does he include the bible?

The reason I ask this is because many people seem to think so! Sola scripturians will say yes, the bible is protected!

Catholics will probably say no! (that’s me guessing). If all the bibles were burnt right now, the Church will still exists, because it did so the first several decades! Besides who’s bible and what bible and what books would he protect? I find this difficult to answer! So I say the bible is not protected but only the Truth preserved in the Church and the Church itself!

So I ask again for opinions… Is the bible protected?


God bless!


I believe that the Church as well as the Bible will surive if all bibles were burnt tonight. The Catholic Church is the bible no matter what any protestant will tell you. The mass is strictly bibical in everyway. If you were to attened daily mass for three years you would have heard the entire bible, not just the parts that your pastor wants you to hear. So I think that it is pretty clear that the Church and The Bible are both protected.


Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition together are the complete Word of God. I imagine that all of God’s Word is protected, whether written or passed along orally. So yes, the Bible is protected.

Furthermore, I’d say the whole Bible is protected. There is only one true version (canon) of the Bible; you can’t rip out certain books and just call it a different version. A man (aka Luther) acting on his own has no NO AUTHORITY to dismiss certain books. Protestants don’t use a different version; they use an incomplete version of the only valid canon of Sacred Scripture.


[quote=auhsoj88]Is the bible part of Christs body?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
[right]The Gospel of John, Chapter 1, verse 1


No. It’s the owner’s manual.

The Church has back-ups on file with the Holy Spirit.


It would seem that history is the best guide in answering this question. Scripture says that the Church will be protected and that Jesus will send the Holy Spirit. Moreover, Jesus says that He will remain with the Church until the end of time. This promise to the Church provides indirect protection of the bible.

Historically, the Church protected and preserved scripture. Efforts by pagans to destroy manuscripts did not prevail against the Church’s efforts to protect them. If the Church has managed to protect scripture for over two thousand years, we can be completely confident that it will be protected until the end of time.
Thus it is safe to say that scripture is indeed protected by the body of Christ which is His Church.


[quote=auhsoj88]If all the bibles were burnt right now, the Church will still exists, because it did so the first several decades!

Centuries, not decades! :slight_smile: The bible was not assembled until the 385. That’s not saying that the books didn’t exist…they were in use that whole time. it’s just that they weren’t gathered and standardized until 385. Some communities had a few, other communities used others.

No, the bible isn’t part of Christ’s body. No where have I ever heard or read that. It is the story of Christ, but the story was initially carried by word of mouth, so there is no reason for it not to be told. The story will be told with or wothout paper.



I’ve heard, but am not sure where, that nearly the whole Bible could be reconstructed from the writings of the Church Fathers! I guess those could be destroyed as well, but still, pretty cool!


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