Is the 'big one' about to hit Rome? Series of tremors and volcano's reawakening prompt fears of major quake


Is the ‘big one’ about to hit Rome? Series of tremors and
volcano’s reawakening prompt fears of major quake

Chiara Palazzo 1 NOVEMBER 2016 • 7:57AM

A series of earthquakes which struck central Italy in the past two months has sparked fears that the country’s capital may be at risk from a “big one”.

The tremors – all followed by powerful aftershocks – proved the final straw for a number of important architectural landmarks, including the Abbey of Sant-Eutizio in Umbria, and damaged several churches and buildings in the heart of Rome, including the Colosseum

Whilst scientists say there is no risk that Rome will be hit by a “big one”, something different may be threatening the Eternal City – a dormant volcano.

Maybe this is more “World News” looked at in one way … but I immediately thought of that old vision (prophecy?) of Pius X (I have no idea if this is an approved thing … or just “out there” … but I’d never thought of the reason for the Pope’s fleeing Rome to have been an earthquake or a volcano). Still, a Pompeii sized volcano like Vesuvius (near Naples) in the Rome vicinity could cause destruction … and the idea of a Pope having to crawl to safety over the crypts gives me the chills, whatever the cause of the disaster was.:eek:

Italy has had some earthquakes of great magnitude recently.

During an audience with the general Chapter of the Franciscans in 1909, Pius X (1835-1914) fell into a semi-trance with his head sunk on his chest, and after a few minutes he came to and opened his eyes with a look of horror on his face. He reputedly cried out:

What I have seen was terrible… Will it be myself? Will it be my successor? What is certain is that the Pope will quit Rome, and in fleeing from the Vatican he will have to walk over the dead bodies of his priests. Do not tell anyone while I am alive (cf. Stephen Skinner, Millennium Prophecies, Carlton, p. 75). < I’ve seen accounts of this vision on other sites. Just copied the first one I saw. Can’t vouch for what this site is … so caveat emptor (but the part I copied looks like what I’d seen before and suits my purpose).


What a world of worry!


Well, with Francis’ celebration of the Deformation, and the modernism of so many clerics, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rome was annihilated


Everybody quit insulting the Pope and the clergy! :mad:


I’m not insulting. There’s nothing wrong witha Catholic denouncing the stupidity of the actions of popes, clergy, etc.


Again, I would mourn the loss of life. I would weep for the afflicted. But one can’t help but wonder if many people would spiritually notice something so obvious.

I’ve stopped praying to withhold chastisement sand started praying for people to listen to them.


Well perhaps. But one will not be a member of these forums for long if one uses such language.

I’ll tell you that I disagree with many things this or really any pope has said and done. I still respect him, recognize him as my leader and vicar of Christ. I’m not prepared to say God will send an earthquake because the pope or the church leans a little left for my taste in this short pontificate.

However. The idea of a chastisement is a Catholic one. But it is sent not to clergy and popes alone but to everyone in a fallen world turning away from God. Including you and me.


**Thanks for mentioning the vision of Pope St. Pius X. I think that more attention should be paid to it.
The vision you mentioned happened in 1909 and was followed by another in 1914.
The second specifies that a pope “of the same name” would be forced to flee Vatican City.
That Pope cannot be our blessed Francis who does not share any name with Pius X.
It must be Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who shares the given name of Joseph/Giuseppe.

BTW, I noticed that your referenced article mentions the Prophecy of the Popes.
For my opinion about this, please see End Times Speculation XXII, page 29, post 429.
The Prophecy contains 113 papal mottos, not 112 as is commonly supposed.
Pope Francis is not the last Pope of the Prophecy. **


Rome is on a major plate tectonic boundary, its bound to rattle n roll now and again! It’s called nature…


God willing it doesn’t.


Amen to that!




Giuseppi Sarto and Joseph Ratzinger, the plot thickens.

With Pius’ vision, I’d always imagined a terror attack thatharmed St. Peter’s and caused the Pope to escape over the graves beneat the Church after the walls collapsed. I’d never imagined a natural disaster like an earthquake or a volcano.

My Dad fought at the battle of Anzio in 1944 when nearby Mt. Vesuvius erupted. Later he got to see the ruins of Pompeii, destroyed in seconds from a volcanic eruption and what followed.

On the day Pope Benedict resigned, a bolt of lightning struck St. Peter’s. Can’t get that image out of my mind.


Please don’t let that disturb you. It’s a tall structure with a lightning rod on top. Saint Peter’s gets struck by lightning all the time. On the day Pope Benedict resigned someone managed to take a picture of it happening and the media ran with it. The suggestion of a divine threat is a very juicy headline.


I thought we didn’t have the ability to predict earthquakes, since they happen according to geological time? In other words, 1,000 years is a long time in human terms, but not in geological terms.


You are right, we can’t predict them…in fact, there are some who think that a lot of small quakes actually prevent a single big one. Again, not proven. Stresses can be measured, but exact predictions are still not possible.


Sounds plausible to me.


There is no way to predict these things, the next pompeii could happen tomorrow and we would have the same period of warning, seconds before total destruction.

The real question is, if something major happened and the vatican or Rome was destroyed, would it be attributed to God (sending a warning/ destruction), or just explained as a natural disaster? Would christians be able to recognize it either way?


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