Is the book "The Orthodox Way" good?

This is for those who are Eastern Orthodox.

Is the book “The Orthodox Way,” by Bishop Kallistos Ware a good read to get understand Eastern Orthodoxy?

It’s often the first book on the subject someone will read. Personally I think “The Rainbow Series” is better, but The Orthodox Way (often sold with “The Orthodox Church” combined into one volume) is pretty decent. It’s also often the only book on Orthodoxy the average bookstore in town will have.

Yes, I think it is very good.

OK, sounds good. I hope I will be able to understand your church.

May God Bless us all :thumbsup:

Kallistos Ware is a renowned bishop of the Orthodox Church and a stellar writer and scholar who has done great work in the field of Orthodox apologetics. I recently purchased a used volume of The Orthodox Church and read it with great interest. One thing that Catholics should know, is that while he is not virulently anti-Catholic like some Orthodox I have come across, his writing presents a solid and unapologetic Orthodox POV, and that sometimes means defending his own tenets of ecclesiology, theology and history that run counter to Roman Catholic sensibilities. That being said, any well-formed Catholic should be greatly edified by his perspectives, and his books are a gem to find in any respectable library.

It was I who recommended this book in the Eastern Catholic area. Yes I do think that Met. Ware’s book on theosis is excellent and I recommend it highly.

I always thought that deification was a Mormon concept based on people turning into ‘gods’. That idea is heretical.

I have started on this book, and it helps me see the early Christians from a different viewpoint. I am finding it very useful.

Hi Elizium. I’m not trying to nitpick (and certainly not trying to start a fight) but I feel I ought to point out that the highlighted is an extremely odd way of putting it, just as it would be if someone said of a Catholic author "He sometimes defends the tenets of Catholicism.

Well, if you consider how many “catholic” authors are out there who exist merely to poke holes in the tenets of Catholicism and sow dissent, I think it is worth pointing out that +Ware is a faithful and orthodox son of his own Church, especially when the OP has queried us whether his book is any good.

I too have this book and concur that the bishop writes persuasively, with crest passion for the Orthodox and in an apologetic sense. He covers a lot and educates the ignorant on Orthodoxy. It certainly was of assistance in helping to realize that the catholic and orthodox churches were where I was heading years ago–Protestantism was simply no longer an option. I still pick it up every now and then and read a bit here and there.

The Orthodox Church by Bishop Ware is an excellent book. The first half on the early church is well worth reading, but the second half on the current status of the church is a bit dated. His book, The Orthodox Way, is a very good presentation of the Orthodox faith.

I also recommend The Early Church by Henry Chadwick. It covers the beginning of the church when we were all one. Great reads.

I think its a good book, I really enjoyed it. it is a better read than Orthodox Church by the same author.

There was a post many moons ago, where either Nine-Two or Cavaradosi presented other books instead of this one (Schmemann, Meyendorff, Lossky, and others I don’t remember), but there was a specific book that was mentioned that was recommended as an introduction to the Eastern Orthodox Church before you get into the more advanced writings of the authors mentioned in parenthesis.

You may be thinking of John Damascene’s Fountain of Wisdom.

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