Is the Bride of Christ a person?


While meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary it occurred to me that a spousal union can only happen between persons.

Then it occured to me that we believe in the Father (a person), the Son (a person), the Holy Spirit (a person), the communion of saints (a union of persons), the forgiveness of sins (the redemption of part of our person) and the resurrection of the body (the redemption of the other part of our person).

There’s a lot about persons in the creed. Is there a sense in which the Church is a person as well?


Sure! Mary is a type of the Church (mother of all Christians), so in that sense you could view the Church as a person. Additionally, the Church is also the mystical Body of Christ, so in that sense it’s also a person.


May God bless you for saying your Rosary!


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