Is the card game Liar liar a sin?

It’s a game where you put cards face down and say something for example ‘2 tens’ and people need to either call you a liar or let it pass, it’s about emptying your hands until you have none and not trying to get caught by lying or deceiving. It’s part of the game and it’s just for fun but is it a sin to play such game?

I will repeat my previous advice from your numerous “is this a sin” threads:

You need to get help from your priest for scrupulosity. You need to learn how to discern these things for yourself. You cannot come to CAF and ask of every thought that enters your head is a sin. You need to learn how to discern for yourself and be at peace with your decision.

I don’t think that actually constitutes lying or deception. Everyone who plays the game understands the truth, which is that a player is likely to make false assertions. If that doesn’t make sense, consider a trivial modification to the game: Each player, in his turn, could say, for example, “Do you believe (or will you accept) that these are two tens?” He told no lie. The other players can accept his assertion or not. If his assertion is false, the other players cannot truly be deceived since they understand that any assertion in the game may be false.

This makes actually a lot of sense! Thanks!

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