Is The CC Closer To The EOC or Magisterial Protestants?




Define “Magisterial Protestant.” Some examples would be helpful as well.


EOC of course because they have Apostolic Succession, valid Holy Orders and valid Sacraments.


Obviously in terms of basic doctrines and practices, the Catholic Church is much closer to Orthodoxy. However, Catholics and Protestants share much cultural background and certain distinctively Western ways of approaching the Faith. Orthodox polemicists exaggerate this, but it’s still significant!



I would say, after reading a couple of biographies and works of Pope John Paul II (IE: Crosing the Threshold of Hope) that the EOC is much closer than MP. In fact, it was JPII who made many attempts to “breathe with both lungs” and unify our brothers and sisters to the East.


It really depends on the specific subject or doctrine.


The CC is not closer to either.

First, there is no protestant church which holds God given teaching magisterium

Second, the EOC is close the the CC (not the other way around) because they schismed from God’s universal church (not the other way around)


I will differ with many of the other replies and just say that this question is actually irrelevant today. To me, it is like asking if infinity X2 is closer to infinity than infinity X3.

It has no real meaning as one can say yes…sure…but after all is said and done, an infinite gap remains.

Roman Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox are infinitely separated.

Why do I say this?

It is because the two faiths both make exclusive claims to being Christ’s one, true church. They both cannot be the one, true church. Only one can, if at all.

The closer the two faiths come, the more one of them ceases to exist. This does not have so much to do with peripheral doctrines which many like to focus on, but on the vital doctrines of authority and ecclesiology.

All other doctrines and practices, no matter what they are, hinge totally on authority and ecclesiology. It is upon their respective doctrines on authority and ecclesiology that ALL other doctrines stand or fall for both churches.

The Eastern Orthodox say that they alone have authority over all Christians everywhere and that they alone are the Catholic Church founded by Christ.

The RCC says, no, they alone have authority over all Christians everywhere and that they alone are the Catholic Church founded by Christ.

Only one or none are correct. That means that for the Orthodox to believe the RCC, they must cease to exist.

The same goes for Roman Catholicism. The more the RCC agrees with the Orthodox, the more they will cease to exist.

If ever comes a time when the RCC and the EOC truly become one, then that would be the time either one of them vanished from the planet.

The RCC and the EOC are infinitely apart in regards to doctrine. A little closer to infinity doesn’t do any good.

Just my take…


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