Is the Chinese gov't meddling in non-Catholic churches too?


The Catholic Church seems to be having a big problem with the Chinese governments meddling.


Actually the Catholic Church has pretty much protected the churches in China. They have been working on for many years to bring non-denominational and other loose churches into it fold. This has helped to stop most of the Chinese governments persecution of Christians, but not all. The Chinese Governement is raising a lot of stuff about it, but it has not raised all out persecution of Christians yet. Thank the Lord.:slight_smile: God speed.


Well evangelising in China is never easy, most non denomination churches are underground, the problem with China is though they walk out the shadow of communist practise but everything are still understand grasp of the government, so if you wanted to plant churhces there, CAN, SURE no problem, but your church is under the government control…If everyone can agree to what the government have lay down for you to follow then by all means to build whatever church you want, else SORRY, everything is not possible.

If is almost like having business dealing in China, the same thing applys, if you have any form of human connection with those working in the government, your business will flourish and face lesser problem, else everything you have in mind will not be possible and most of these dealing are usually under table kind of bride given to the respective government personnel…

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