Is the Church dying?

I read articles such as this and feel completely demoralized.

So much for the City of Spires.

The answer is no, the Church is not dying. The Church is growing leaps and bounds in Africa, Asia and Latin America. You can do your own internet search to get the growth numbers in those areas. Here’s one: So, How’s the Catholic Church Really Doing?

In the western/european world there has indeed been a decline in the numbers of Catholics and practicing Catholics. But that is just one part of the world, it isn’t the measuring stick for the entire Church. At one time northern Africa was a dominant center of Christianity and Europe was pagan barbarians. Over the centuries the faith dissipated from northern Africa and Europe became a dominant center of Christianity. Was that the death of the Church? Of course not.

There have been ebbs and flows, rises and declines of the Church in various parts of the world since 33 AD. Jesus promised the gates of hell would never prevail against His Church. That means the Church will not die, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be occasional tough times…

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